Common Kings & Matisyahu Reveal ‘The Broken Crowns Tour’

Common Kings & Matisyahu Reveal ‘The Broken Crowns Tour’

The touring landscape for the upcoming fall season is starting to take shape – Matisyahu and Common Kings have joined forces, setting the bar early for can’t-miss-shows. The artists recently announced The Broken Crowns Tour will kick off in October and opening up the show will be the Matisyahu produced group, Orphan

Common Kings, who will be touring in support of their latest album Lost In Paradise, provided some historical context for The Pier on how the tour came together, stating that: “We met at Cali-Roots Festival, earlier this year. There was an instant ‘family’ connection while we were chilling backstage and vibing to some music. We talked about going on tour, and Matisyahu made it happen.”

Further, when asked if fans can expect any collaboration during the tour in addition to a joint track to be released in the near future, and the band informed The Pier that: “fans will definitely see some onstage collaborations throughout the tour, and let’s just say we can expect some ‘fire’ from these two acts to drop soon.”

Matisyahu is fresh off his latest release Undercurrent which dropped May 19 via Fallen Sparks. A heavy dosage of the music for the record was reported to have been written by Matisyahu’s band over several improv sessions, and only featured eight tracks (some of which however chimed in at over 10 minutes).

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Orphan was handpicked and produced by Matisyahu himself. He offered up some insight on the Brooklyn-based trio: “Orphan is a new band I signed currently living and making music out of my home. All three core members Menachem, Nissin, and Chaim are sons of Lubavitch Rabbis and met in Yeshiva. They formed a bond around my release at the time (Live at Stubbs 2) and began to study the sounds of Dub Trio. Of all the music I’ve come across over the years, these 22-year-old boys manage to retain the spirit of their Lubavitch heritage while creating music with a fresh Brooklyn edge that is an outgrowth of the Matisyahu sound. I am proud to introduce to you, Orphan, the soundtrack to a generation who never met their rebbe and have had to blaze a new trail.”

The Broken Crowns Tour will kick off October 6 in Maine & will span 21 dates, closing out at Stubbs Bar-B-Q Outdoors in Austin TX (perhaps a tribute to Matisyahu’s Live at Stubbs album from 2005). Check out the full listing of tour dates below…


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Article By: Brian Glaser

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