Krooked Treez Releases New Single “Dr. Kevorkian”

Krooked Treez Releases New Single “Dr. Kevorkian”

Los Angeles based Reggae Hip-hop group Krooked Treez have released their second single and video from their upcoming album, Born Calizeans. The new single is titled “Dr. Kevorkian” and features Sid Wilson, aka DJ Starscream, of Slipknot. The group is generating momentum with each new single as vocalist O. Brown stops by The Pier to fill us in.

After a brief hiatus, one of the original Krooked Treez vocalists, BZ Bwai has returned to once again share vocals alongside MC O.Brown. The group has since released 2 singles as they gear up for the release of their sophomore album due out later this winter, an album expected to be 10+ songs.
The first single they released was “Militant Soldier” that included guest vocals from Sen Dog of Cypress Hill and Karim Israel of Arise Roots and DJ Starscream. The song was released back in April and the group has now followed up with their second single with the release of “Dr. Kevorkian”.

Sid Wilson returns as the DJ for the track as O. Brown tells The Pier: “B-Real, Sen Dog and Mellow Man Ace took me to the Houdini mansion a long time ago when Slipknot was recording their album there. Sid and I kept in contact since then and we became friends. When I heard ‘Dr. Kevorkian,’ the first person I thought of was Sid! So I called him and he came to BnV Studio and he laced his cuts on it. He killed it!”

Both new singles show a heavy reggae hip-hop presence going from the politically charged “Militant Soldier” to a pro-ganja jammer in “Dr. Kevorkian”, named after a popular indica dominant strain of herb.

Coming up, O.Brown tells The Pier they plan to release yet another single in the near future. He hinted at the song being a tribute to The Fugees with the track titled “The Score.” “We have Brevi being featured on our 3rd single and she is amazing. She’s one of the most talented singer-MC’s I’ve ever met and the first female we’ve collaborated with,” O.Brown tells The Pier as he says “The Score” is his favorite track off the forthcoming record thus far!

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, pick up their new song “Dr. Kevorkian” on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Watch: Krooked Treez – “Dr. Kevorkian” (feat. Sid Wilson of Slipknot)


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Article By: Mike Patti

Watch: Krooked Treez – “Militant Soldier” (feat. Karim Israel of Arise Roots & Sen Dog of Cypress Hill)