Live: Katchafire & TBS (3-23-11)

Live: Katchafire & TBS (3-23-11)

Date: March 23rd, 2011
What: “On The Road Again” 2011 Album Tour
Line up: Katchafire & Tomorrows Bad Seeds
Location: The Belly Up Tavern. San Diego, CA

On Wednesday, March 23rd, New Zealand’s Katchafire started their “On The Road Again” 2011 Album Tour at the Belly Up Tavern in San Diego, California with So-Cal natives, Tomorrows Bad Seeds.

Arriving around 9:00pm, I went to the box office to grab my ticket, and noticed the show was already SOLD OUT. Shortly after entering, I made my way to the dance floor to see Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds. As the lights began to dim, the audience started to filled in around me on the floor while others took their place at the bar and other seating areas that quickly began to disappear.

The first thing I noticed was Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds ska-reggae-rock music, masked with a definitive California flavor. I really enjoyed their style of rock, especially with the drummer playing like a 80s rock-star sporting the long hair, no shirt and getting up & out of his seat to bang away at the drums. The two guitar players each sang a song, with the main vocalist Moi Ses, backing at times, while bass player Andre Davis got down all over the stage.

The band took a rock approach to open up the night with songs, such as Reflect, and Love Street, before turning the mood mellow-romantic playing Only for You, Give It To Me, and Lost & Found. They picked it up again with Ready Fe Rock, and Heartless before ending their set with, Vices and Warrior Poet. Their set received better feedback with the rock ballads from the audience as the floor was still packing up from the sold out crowd making their way into the show.

Katchafire went on close to 11:00pm, and the tavern was packed. One literally could not move from his or her spot. The band went on stage and immediately started playing their New Age reggae. They started with the featured track off their latest album, On The Road Again, which was a nice, fast-paced song speaking of touring as they toured their way into songs Yr Dreaming and One Stop. The group stopped to give thanks to their sold out crowd right before getting into Get Away and Love Letter, with the latter song being the crowd favorite—especially during the lead guitar solo. The song used three guitars, and included a challenging saxophone solo as well. The next songs were Irie, Who You With, and Serious. The entire set really went over well with the crowd as they got involved on Who You With singing “Oh, na-na-na-na”.

Katchafire announced members during Bounce, and then proceeded to sing Seriously, Giddy Up, Collie Herb Man, and Colour Me Life. The crowd showed no sign of slowing down as they grooved through Grooving Again, a song off Katchafire’s latest album that included a conga solo, before speeding things up with the fast-paced version of Working. Katchafire closed out their set with a tribute to Bob Marley by covering the song, Three Little Birds, as the tavern fully engaged into the song.

The sold out, shoulder to shoulder, jam packed crowd didn’t let Katchafire get too far from the stage before demanding an ENCORE! The New Zealand boys made their way back to the Belly Up stage to bid San Diego, CA a “See You Later” with an Encore of Reggae Revival, from their Revival album.

– Article by: Liz sandieganliz Pimentel
-Photos by: David Norris

Here is Katchafire performing the song Sweet As this same night.
Much love & credit to FATrax Productions for the cool & quality footage!

Here’s a video IrieLiveDotCom shot this same night w/Tomorrows Bad Seeds performing the song Vices