Updated Album Review!

Updated Album Review!

Every Monday we update our Editorials section with new Album & Music Reviews! This week we focus our radar on Stone Senses new album Exception to the Rule.

Be sure to stop by next Monday, April 4th, as we’ll have new album reviews for Easy Star All-Stars first original release titled First Light along with the Fear Nuttin Band’s new album Move Positive. Both of these albums come out Tuesday April 5th. See you next Monday for our sneak peak review!

Stone Senses – Exception to the Rule

Stone Senses have had no problem creating a sound appealing to the ears of the reggae nation for nearly 7 years now. This album is a showcase of their musical talent. The quest for success in the music industry begins with the ability to match talents and achieve a common musical direction amongst a band’s members. After that it’s all about the groups who differentiate themselves and find a comparative advantage through their music. “Exception to the Rule” is an…READ MORE

-Written & Reviewed by Matt Emodi

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