Live: Lei’d Back Tour (9-24-11)

Live: Lei’d Back Tour (9-24-11)

Date: Saturday, Sept 24th, 2011
Line up: Iration, Tomorrows Bad Seeds & Through The Roots!
Location: Marquee Theater. Tempe, AZ
What: Lei’d Back Fall Tour

Trekking through the Mill Avenue district in Tempe, Arizona, entertainment and nightlife enthusiasts had a few options on a simmering Saturday night. The options of choice were both athletic and musical. With the beloved Sun Devils a few steps over Tempe Town Lake, more than a handful of fans sported their tailgate party attire from the game to the opening night of the second edition of the Lei’d Back Tour with Hawaii’s own Iration headlining.

But the opening acts alone got the crowd fired up for some easy listening to come later in the evening. Through The Roots opened up with an instrumental sound check ditty at 8:00pm sharp, seamlessly transitioning into “Best Friends,” a song featured on their summer EP release “Here To Stay”.

A few other tracks from “Here To Stay” were performed to a quickly thickening crowd, including the appropriately titled “Weekend,” “Take Me Back,” and the self-titled track “Here To Stay” closing out their set.

But it wasn’t all previously heard material from the San Diego natives. “Until You Choke” was performed to high praise from the crowd, along with unreleased track and live performance staple “Zombies”.

The crowd was warmed up before they entered the indoor venue, but Through The Roots set the scene for the night. Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds took it to another level, as lead singer Moi echoed out lyrics from a stage riser.

He was perfectly placed at the front of the stage, out of harms way from the bouncing bass moves Andre Davis played to fans. Rightfully so, Sean (TBS guitarist) was in full spirit engaging the crowd, with his picking and singing, throughout the night on his birthday.

Opening up the Lei’d Back Tour at the local venue was enough to entice the crowd, hopeful for a party atmosphere, but to celebrate a band member’s birthday turned it into a family occasion for the valley of the sun music goers.

It was a positive environment with all smiles the entire night, and Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds wouldn’t have it any other way. Grooving with the crowd from their opener “Reflect” to “Early Prayers” favorites “Love Street,” “Ten Fold,” “Warrior,” and “Bad Seeds,” Hermosa Beach’s lovable rockers sandwiched those classics with their latest single “Nice and Slow,” heard on a radio station near you.

The “baddest seeds of ‘em all” even bounced an Amy Winehouse tribute off the walls of the Marquee Theatre. Moi didn’t go for the “Rehab” like Rome of Sublime With Rome, but Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds belted out a punked-out version of “Valerie”!

Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds have toured the nation on headlining tours in the past with Mike Pinto and The Supervillains, as well as getting a spot on the Vans Warped Tour this past summer, but 38 shows in 44 days with Iration will be all the exposure they need to propel their show to the next level.

Respectfully, Iration is already at that level. The evidence you need comes with their “Rockstar Bus”! Stemming from success with “Time Bomb” in 2010 after “New Roots” debuted their sound in 2006, radio stations across the country have tabbed their sound to their playlists. More importantly, KROQ in Los Angeles has picked up “Turn Around” for their rotation.

As Iration’s summer EP release “Fresh Grounds” hit the masses, their catalog continued to bulk up. To the fans’ amazement on Saturday, a perfect blend of new and old soundwaves came through the speakers.

The boys from Iration even managed to sneak a White Stripes medley into their set. However fans went wild for their favorite sing-a-longs and chants like “All In You,” “Cookie Jar,” “Summer Nights,” “I’m With You,” and the nightcap “Falling”.

Iration performed their two new songs “Undertow” and “No Time”, which were not featured on their “Fresh Grounds” release.

After one night on the Lei’d Back Tour fans in the next 43 days will be in for eventful night of sweet-sounding reggae and hard-hitting rock to moisten their pallet for Iration. Through The Roots, Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds, and Iration matchup for an incredible night of music in a city near you!

– Article & Photos by: Kris Siuta

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