Live: Slightly Stoopid (9/23/11)

Live: Slightly Stoopid (9/23/11)

Date: Friday, Sept 23rd, 2011
Line up: Slightly Stoopid, Jet West, Through The Roots
Location: San Diego State University.
What: Aztec Night (students given priority) Strict Restrictions

Slightly Stoopid played at the Open Air Theatre located at San Diego State University on Friday, September 23rd. They played for a good crowd whom were seated in an outdoor, coliseum type of setting. The college produced the event primarily for students, but later, opened it to the general public. Local bands Jet West and Through The Roots opened up for fellow band Slightly Stoopid, who is also from San Diego, California.

Jet West is a rock band with an experimental and psychedelic sound. They show personality on stage and represent San Diego real well, telling the crowd it’s “America’s Finest City in what some would say ‘along America’s Finest Coastline’ with America’s Finest Women.” They then went into sing a song called, “T.D.’s” in which during the song, they had the crowd say “BEES” after they said “BOO” …yeah! They also had them say “WEST” after they said “JET,” and “STOOPID” after they said “SLIGHTLY”. The band also played “Lights Out,” “Irie Eyes, “Alone,” “Backstage,” and “Mexico,” with the latter song being most fluid and containing great use of the trumpet.

Through The Roots was next on stage and opened up with a great introduction. This band plays reggae with alternative rock, and uses heavy keys being that they use two of them. When they played “Best Friend” and “Fed Up”, it produced a sluggish start for the crowd, but the band redeemed itself with “Weekend” and “Through The Roots.” The song “Here To Stay” was definitely their hit song of the night, with the crowd dancing in front of the stage and elsewhere in their seats. They also had a guest MC by the name of Billy B sing “Zombies” with them.

Slightly Stoopid opened up with a dub song before getting into “Baby, I Like It,” in which the crowd echoed the punch-line. They then went into such songs as “We Don’t Wanna Go,” “Otherside Guru,” and “No Cocaine.” Then, they covered Burning Spear’s “Fire Down Below,” and went into “Fire Shot.”

Front-men, Kyle and Miles were switching between guitar and bass, while C-Money, Dela, and Paul were on horns, O.G on percussion, and ‘Rymo’ on the drums. The crowd responded well to “2 AM,” “Struggler,” and “Closer To The Sun,” but the crowd also reduced themselves in sitting and watching Slightly Stoopid after the song “Ocean” was played. Part of this may have been due to the strict restrictions the college had for the event, including no drinking or smoking. The remainder of their set included “Zeplike, “Fat Spliffs,” and “Officer,” and those were good choices for the fans in front. Slightly Stoopid performed an encore which included a cover of Nirvana’s “Territorial Pissings.”

Big thanks to Chris Warner from Jet West for hitting up The Pier to cover this private event at SDSU. 3 Great San Diego bands holding it down for San Diego. Slightly Stoopid had just wrapped up their Seedless Summer tour with Rebelution & this was Through The Roots last local show before embarking on their tour with Iration & Tomorrows Bad Seeds.

– Article by: Liz “sandieganliz Pimentel
– Photos by: Jennifer Martinez

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