David Foral of Dirty Heads Releases New Single!

David Foral of Dirty Heads Releases New Single!

Bassist, DJ, Producer, Graphic Designer & Tattoo Artist, David Foral, has released a new single featuring Hip-Hop MC, Big Nes. The song is called “Paved The Way” and is the first of many tracks Dave plans to release in the future, outside of his contributions to Dirty Heads

Last August, Dave released a 16 song mix-tape called Stone Soup that plays 26minutes featuring an array of guest appearances. This was the first of many volumes to whats expected to be a series of Paved_The_Way_Admix-tapes that fall under the Stone Soup umbrella. Volume 1 featured members of Sublime, Dirty Heads, Dub Trio, Ballyhoo!, Passafire to hip-hop MC Big Nes as well as DJ’s & Producers such as a Jace1, LD and Jungle Josh. There’s a Volume 2 that is expected to drop later this summer, early fall.

Aside from mix-tapes, David Foral has a history of releasing music as a producer. With his latest track, Foral tapped longtime friend & collaborator, hip-hop artist, Big Nes. Their history goes back to the late ’90’s when Dave was a bassist/DJ & producer for the Long Beach based reggae hip-hop group Chapter 11.

“I’ve been making music with Big Nes for over 15 years now,” Foral tells The Pier. “He was featured on Stone Soup Vol. 1 last year and I was able to get back into the studio with him this year and work on some more projects. I’ve always been a fan of his steady flow and wordsmithing. This song is reminiscent for both of us and showcases some of the people that have influenced us over the years.”

In addition to Big Nes, there was guitar was provided by Kirk Ellingsen and the song mixed by Sean Kellett. You can pick up the single on iTunes by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Mike Patti