The Dubplates Release ‘Box Full of Steel’

The Dubplates Release ‘Box Full of Steel’

Self-proclaimed “traditional reggae riddim band” The Dubplates have been contributing impacting and striking instrumentals, coupled with equally impressive vocals since their founding in 2009. Fast forward almost a decade later and the energy for the Charleston, S.C. ensemble has never been higher. The Dubplates just released Box Full of Steel to the masses June 23 via Chalicetown Records, with 13 new tracks ready to blaze your speakers.

The Dubplates have truly put together an epic squad. If you are not already aware, The Dubplates are comprised of seven vocalists and additional musicians specializing in dancehall reggae. The ensemble features the talents of Papa Robbie (Robert Ellington), Shawn Legree, Daddy Brady (Brady Waggoner), Dub Denizen, DJ Trail-Mix, Professor Spice (Peter Wilborn) Andy Masker, Charlie “Coconuts” Guss, King Sing (Ryan Becknell) and Big Hair (David Brisacher).

Big Hair is the Engineer and Daddy Brady is the Composer/Music Writer. Big Hair’s hands are on the mixer while Brady’s are on the guitars/bass/keys/drum machine making the two great partners, complimenting each others skill sets as heard on Box Full of Steel.

As for the new album specifically, Box Full of Steel has already been met with affirmative and favorable reviews. The group had the chance to collaborate with a wide variety of artists, including King Yellowman, Mix Master Mike of the Beastie Boys, Elephant Man, Zumjay and more. Standout tracks include and are not limited to the deep-bass driven “Uh Huh!” featuring King Yellowman, which pays homage quite nicely to his 1983 hit “Zungguzungguguzungguzeng” in the latter half of the track. The effects-driven and experimental “Burning Clean” also stands out as a showcase track for The Dubplates.

Order and download your copy of Box Full of Steel today on iTunes by clicking HERE!

The Dubplates – Box Full of Steel Track-list:
The Dubplates1.) Full of Steel (Intro)
2.) Uh Huh!
3.) There You Go
4.) Beautiful
5.) Drunken Master
6.) Breathe Deep
7.) Burning Clean
8.) Good Evening
9.) Wolfman
10.) John Crow Bullet
11.) Hold Em in Da Road
12.) Playing with Fire
13.) Ring of Fire

Recent history has shown that The Dubplates tour steadily in their hometown, but don’t steer too far from South Carolina for live performances. They’ve been keeping busy playing shows scattered around Folly Beach, Mount Pleasant and Charleston over the past couple of years. They are planning a fall tour to include the mid-west and may be hitting the west coast. Check back soon to see if any dates get announced!

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: The Dubplates – “Burning Clean” (ft. Elephant Man, Shawn Legree, Daddy Brady & Big Hair)