Dirty Heads’ “Disguise” – LLWS Theme Song!

Dirty Heads’ “Disguise” – LLWS Theme Song!

From Aug 15 – 25th is the Little League World Series. Normally such an update wouldn’t be considered news here, but the reason the 2013 Little League World Series is making noise on our site, is because Dirty Heads song “Disguise” will be the theme song!

Clearly, if your a Dirty Heads fan, its a no brainer that the song “Disguise” is off their latest album Cabin By The Sea that was released June 2012. The Little League World Series will air on ESPN from August 15th – 25th. You will want to check local listings, if this peaks your interest.

The song selection makes sense as it opens up with guitarist/vocalist Duddy B spitting lyrics at an inspirational approach with something a long the lines of:

“One life to live so Ima live it
One chance to give so Ima give it
All that I have with no limit
We made it this far but it’s only the beginning

Got my eyes set strictly on the prizes
Standing in my own two shoes my whole life is
Easier said than done but I survive it
Aim for the stars dream big and don’t hide it”

Perfect song to set the tone for those Little League kids & viewers around the world tuning into ESPN for the series. Not my first choice. Personally, I’d be more pumped up if I was a player coming to kick some Little League World Series ass to the theme of “Hip Hop Misfits” or even “Smoke Rings” – What about you? Which Dirty Heads song would you rather come out to?

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In other news – stay on the lookout, as Dirty Heads are expected to release a full length Acoustic Album with all new material and a rumored cover song. More info coming soon, so stay tuned…

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Article By: Mike Patti
Photo By: Amanda Zancanella

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