Homegrown: From The Sunshine State Compilation

Homegrown: From The Sunshine State Compilation

One Love Music Group of Palm Beach Gardens, FL is set to release their debut compilation album Homegrown: From The Sunshine State”. Available for FREE, the disc features a track from 12 independent Reggae-Rock bands from across Florida.

Created as a way to help spread Florida’s music all over the country, the compilation will be dropping digitally on August 16th via Oneloveflorida.com. In addition, 1,000 hard copies will be printed and distributed between the bands to be given away.

Discussing the distribution of the compilation, One Love Music’s owner, Daniel Arenas, told The Pier: “There’s no money being made…The idea is if you like a band, go to a show & hear about the album download or get a physical copy, you get to hear 11 more bands along the same style. So each album given away or each album downloaded has the potential to turn into another follower for any or all of the other 11 bands featured…The overall idea and main concept of the project is to create cross-promotion for everyone involved and showcase our music as a whole unity, instead of spreading thin with sporadic attempts.”

Continuing, Arenas explains the development of the compilation: “I had the idea around October of last year. So many bands with solid, local followings were playing in the same genre of others, yet these bands were not at all connected with other similar bands across the state… Individually, they each had a couple thousand followers. As a whole, that number jumped to almost 50K Facebook fans. So I asked a couple of friends in bands if they’d be interested in a compilation CD and the answer was ‘HELL YEAH!'”

All the tracks on this compilation were picked in a joint effort. The music styles on the disc are said to cover areas from roots, to fusion, alternative, and “dancing” reggae. Though a track listing has not been revealed, the tracks “will flow in alphabetical order just to be fair.”

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Homegrown: From The Sunshine State Artist Line-Up:
Morning Fatty
Spred The Dub
Fireside Prophets
Fresh Catch
Roots Shakedown
One Drop Rebellion
Future Prezidents

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

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