Daniel ‘Bambaata’ Marley Interview

Daniel ‘Bambaata’ Marley Interview

When The Pier was fortunate to get the opportunity to interview Daniel Bambaata Marley, a third generation to the Reggae legend Bob Marley, a welcoming vibe was felt immediately.

After a downed cell phone tower nearly stood in the way of the interview, Kertia Marley came to the rescue and called back to confirm the interview. Kertia had to run up to the closest hill to receive any service, apologetically explaining that Californian canyons are no place for good reception. After using a land-line, nothing could stand in the way of getting the info we wanted to have about the third generation Marley!

The Pier caught up with Daniel to explore the direction that he’s taking his fans with his upcoming solo debut album. He’s gearing up to play at several huge festivals this summer and with Daniel at such a crucial point in his music career, The Pier had to be there at the forefront to get the scoop.

“As a family, we grow all together and they’re always there for support, but right now, I just work on my music as just music, without it being a “Marley” thing. I’m trying to create something fresh and express my music.”

Daniel’s passion for his upcoming solo album was obvious, and The Pier delved deeper and found out every step of the process of what goes into him making a debut, independent album. Covering everything from family dynamics, the meaningful women in his life, and even the story behind some neighborhood noise complaints, this interview is a good read to introduce Bambaata Marley to The Pier community.

Fans shouldn’t come reading the interview with a preconceived “Marley image”. Daniel has his own spin on the reggae style and he’s ready to share it through his upcoming mixtape and shows. His excitement for the next few months of musical transformation is contagious, so be sure to read exclusive interview with Daniel ‘Bambaata’ Marley.


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Article & Interview By: Erin Walsh