Dub Architect’s DUB Comp Vol. 2

Dub Architect’s DUB Comp Vol. 2

There’s been a flurry of reggae compilations being released lately with Music Unites Comp, the all Florida mix with Homegrown: From The Sunshine State Comp & now Dub Architect’s all Remix collection set for a Oct 1st ’13 release..

Dub Architect is a producer, dub engineer, and musician hailing from the DC/VA area specializing in writing, arranging, performance, recording & production. The DUB Comp Vol. 2 was mastered by Mike Caplan at Lion & Fox Recording Studios in Washington DC.

The 13 track album features notable artists such as Dubmatix ft. Luciano, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, and Fear Nuttin Band ft. Jacob Hemphill and Byrd of SOJA (on organ and drums respectively), while also showcasing such international talents as The Riverside Rockers (Japan), Destroy DC (UK), and TALAWA (Costa Rica).

“This is my second dub reggae remix compilation album which is a collection of remixes I’ve done over the past year for bands from around the world” explains Justin Pietro, the man behind Dub Architect. “My hope is that this is a collection of remixes that will expose reggae fans to dub music in 2013 while providing them with some irie new versions of some great tunes.”

This compilation is made possible by a network of artists coming together for the love of music, including visual artist, Al Scholl. Al Scholl, designed the beautiful cover art you see below and actually painted this on-stage at Cali-Roots Festival and has a history of working with other artists such as Iration, See-I & more!

You can Pre-Order this remix compilation NOW, in both physical & digital formats, by clicking HERE!

Dub Architect – Dub Comp Vol. 2 Tracklist:
1.) Dubmatix ft. Luciano – Seeds of Love & Life (Dub Architect Mix)
2.) Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Future (Dub Architect Mix)
3.) Tatanka ft. Sensamotion – Turn to Fate (Dub Architect Mix)
4.) Fear Nuttin Band – Rebel (Dub Architect Mix)
5.) Mystic Roots – Earth Song (Dub Architect Mix)
6.) Kings & Comrades – Dig Deeper (Dub Architect Mix)
7.) Hi Roots – Gone (Dub Architect Mix)
8.) Riverside Rockers – Burdock Root (Dub Architect Mix)
9.) Through The Roots – Zombies (Dub Architect Mix)
10.) Destroy DC – Dub It Down (Dub Architect Mix)
11.) Alific – Tribal Root Seed Dub Drop (Dub Architect Mix)
12.) TALAWA – Rasta Woman (Dub Architect Mix)
13.) Bumpin Uglies – White Boy Reggae (Dub Architect Mix)

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Article By: Mike Patti

Promo Video: Live dub of Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad’s “Change You”.