Review: 10ft Ganja Plant – Skycatcher

Review: 10ft Ganja Plant – Skycatcher

10ft Ganja Plant – Skycatcher
Track Listing:
1.) In the Garden
2.) It’s True
3.) Collect the Trophy
4.) Sounding Zone
5.) State of Man
6.) Skycatcher
7.) Where Do You Want To Be
8.) Hypocrites in Town
9.) Sometimes We Play
10.) Sing and Dance

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: Sept 24th, 2013
Release Label: ROIR
Website: 10ft Ganja Plant Website

Group Background:
10ft Ganja Plant is a Roots Reggae band that began from studio sessions and collaborations during off time from John Brown’s Body’s tour schedule in 1999. Focusing on their love for Roots Reggae and vintage recording equipment, 10ft Ganja Plant has built an arsenal of music released over the years equaling 9 full length albums. 10ft Ganja Plant’s catalog has previously included collaborations with Roger Rivas of The Aggrolites, classic Jamaican singer Sylford Walker, Prince Jazzbo and Nate Silas Richardson.

Album Review:
10 Ft. Ganja Plant brings a heavily dub influenced roots album, highlighting strong (falsetto) vocals, steady groove, stylistic horns and good production value. Skycatcher is not a complex record and as far as the song writing goes, the 10 song album does not break any ground and the vocal themes in the songs are pretty much par for the course in regards to typical Roots Reggae.

With that being said, Reggae is simple music, based in easy chord progressions with driving bass and drums which Skycatcher has plenty of. Many artists try to over-complicate a heavy groove based style and muck it up, but 10ft Ganja Plant succeeds in delivering a 10 song album that grooves hard for just under 45 minutes.

Skycathcer kicks of with the dub “In the Garden”, a heavy hitter straight from the echo chamber and is a preview to the mellow vibe of the album. You have to admire the production on this album, especially when paired up against many releases on the scene today. There is an analogue life and warmth in this record that lets the deep groove really breathe. The commitment to Roots song writing and production shine through. When I am listening to a heavily dub influenced album, I want the drums to hit hard, the bass to be clear and round while all other instruments play their part in the pocket… Skycatcher nails this.

The record took a few listens until I accepted the simplicity with songs, such as “Collect the Trophy”, “Skycatcher” and “Where Do You Want To Be”, which began to stand out as favorites. The incorporation of Harmonica in “Skycatcher” and “Where Do You Want To Be” instantly caught my attention, adding a real dirty vibe to the album. I really loved the instrumentation on this record, from the vocals and tasteful horn lines to the use of the Fender Rhodes and harmonica, I couldn’t help but picture an old smokey studio full of vintage gear.

Skycatcher is a head nodder, super groovy soulful, full of vibe and produced with traditional Jamaican music in mind. Fans looking to dig a little deeper into Roots and Dub will love this record

Written & Reviewed By: Tommy Dubs (of A Sunny Place For Shady People)

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