Easy Star All-Stars Lead Singer, Kirsty Rock, to Release Debut Solo Album, “Slow Burn”

Easy Star All-Stars Lead Singer, Kirsty Rock, to Release Debut Solo Album, “Slow Burn”

On May 6th, Easy Star All-Stars lead singer, Kirsty Rock, will be dropping her debut solo album titled, Slow Burn, via Easy Star Records; A record she credits as being a slow burning fire thats been stoking for the last 10+ years.

Kirsty officially kicked off her album cycle when she released the records first two singles on March 25th with “Green Is” and “The Feeling.” The latter is described as the most light-hearted on the record but as Kirsty explains, it was the most cathartic to write: “It’s a reminder to myself that when we release grief, sorrow, pain, and anger, it leaves so much room for love and joy. The song makes me The Feelingsmile and cry at the same time. I don’t know if we have a word for that, but I guess that’s what ‘The Feeling’ is. It gives me all the feelings to release this song in my dad’s honor, after he passed away in August. He was my biggest fan and loved this song. I hope you all do, too.”

While the album has been a slow burn in the making the last 10+ years, inspiration came from motion as she toured with Easy Star All-Stars and her band Trumystic. She allowed songs to take their time, evolve, observing how relationships unfolded and how political agendas came and went – and what was left in their wake – all of which inspired much of the lyrical content of the record.

“Kirsty is a powerhouse and one of the great vocalists we have been fortunate enough to work with. We are excited for the opportunity to release her solo project on Easy Star and showcase her immense talent,” says Easy Star Records CEO Eric Smith.

Kirsty Rock’s musical journey began in Brooklyn in the 90’s, most notably with her stint in Trumystic Sound System, which included Dr. Israel as a member and collaborator. In 2003, she first performed vocals for Easy Star All-Stars on their Dub Side of the Moon release, singing on “The Great Gig In The Sky.” That same year she joined the touring band having played in over 30 countries and 6 continents with the band. She’s been featured on 2006’s Radiodread with ” Paranoid Android”, 2009’s Easy Star’s Lonely Heards Dub Band with “She’s Leaving Home” and 2012’s Easy Star’s Thrillah with “Pretty Young Thing.”

Slow Burn’s initial completed tracks were handled by Grammy-nominated producer Matt Stein at his Swan7 Studio in New York. The rest of the album saw Rock’s closest collaboraters in Easy Star All-Stars, including guitarist/vocalist Shelton Garner Jr, who is credited with co-producing, co-composing and mixing some of the songs. Keyboardist/vocalist Elenna Canlas also co-produced the title track while co-composing and performing on others. Drummers Ivan Katz and Cliff Simpson in addition to the horn section with Jennifer Hill, Buford O’Sullivan, and Matt Bauder also support the record, among other notable players.

Listen: Kirsty Rock – “The Feeling”

You can find & stream “Green Is” and “The Feeling” in the meantime while we wait for the Slow Burn to drop May 6th. IN the meantime, you’ll find Kirst Rock on tour with Easy Star All-Stars performing the classics as well as some of her new originals.

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Article By: Mike Patti

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