Tunnel Vision Announces New Album, Baja Bound, via Law Records

Tunnel Vision Announces New Album, Baja Bound, via Law Records

San Clemente, CA’s Tunnel Vision will be releasing their 3rd studio album, and their 2nd with Law Records, on July 15th, 2022 when they drop Baja Bound. With no guest appearances, this is a 100% Tunnel Vision surf-jam, action-packed with rock, reggae, punk & ska.

The band released their debut self-titled album in 2015, followed by their Law Records debut in 2018 with Days Away. For Baja Bound we see the band dropping 11 brand new tracks, all of which began March 2020 at the start of the Pandemic when they first started recording the record.

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision front-man & guitarist, Hayden Hanson, tells The Pier: “It was a pretty crazy time for all of us, but quarantine in the studio was probably one of the best things we could have done with our time. We’ve been holding on this record for over a year so we could really give it the light it deserves. Some of the songs were older that had never made it onto previous albums and some were as recent as being written right before we went in!”

The band worked with producer Cameron Webb out of his Maple Sound Studios in Santa Ana, CA. Webb, who has produced, the likes of Social Distortion, Motörhead, The Aquabats to as recently as Long Beach Dub Allstars, was an inspiring experience as Hayden explains: “Cameron has worked with so many of my favorite artists and we clicked right away once we got in the studio. And just being in his studio put us in the right headspace to create. Whether it was recording the bass tracks for ‘Big Bang’ through Lemmy Kilmister’s amp, or looking up and seeing a picture of Mike Ness sitting in the same chair as you, behind the same console as you.. it was inspiring in itself. It really set the ‘tone’ to make a kick ass record and pull the best out of us. Cameron did just that.”

Tunnel Vision made their album announcement on April 8th when they unveiled the records first single and album titled track, “Baja Bound.” With a July 15th release date, the band plans to release 1 single a month leading up to their 3rd release. Hayden goes on to say of the song & albums title of the same name, that: “The theme of the record was inspired by our yearly trips/tours down to Mexico. These are some of our best memories. Surfing, skating, tacos and being on an awesome adventure through an unknown territory in search of waves with your best friends, playing music along the way!”

Listen: Tunnel Vision – “Baja Bound”

It’s almost ballsy these days to be a band in the reggae-rock community and not release an album with guest appearances. I, for one, applaud the initiative and look forward to pressing play on a record that isnt full of features. Don’t get me wrong, guest appearances can elevate songs, equal more streams, introduce your music to new fans, but sometimes as an artist or band you just have to put yourself out there without any co-signs or endorsements and let your sound & voice speak for itself as a unit.

While the group loves every song on the record, Hayden admits that he enjoys playing “Sea Dreamin” the most live. But there’s one song in particular that carries the most sentimental weight and that’s “One Day At A Time.”

Hayden pulls the curtain back a bit, sharing that: “It’s a tribute to my uncle Christopher Hanson who passed away in 2017. It actually was written from one of the songs/poems, of many, he had written over the years in which we found in his studio after he passed. Chris was a music connoisseur and always supported my musical ventures throughout the years. The guitar I actually play on stage the most was one he left behind and was used to record this song. ‘One Day at a time’ was a perfect way to honor him and take his own word & make them live forever through the music. We also lost my other uncle Brad Hanson recently too. So hopefully this can honor both of my dads brothers and everyone in the Hanson family.”

You can stream “Baja Bound” on your preferred platform. Circle July 15th for the full album & find them on tour with dates at the additional links below.

Tunnel Vision – Baja Bound Track List:
1.) Baja Bound
2.) Surf in Hell
3.) Stop That Train
4.) One Day at a Time
5.) The Looking Glass
6.) Slippin’ Away
7.) Glow
8.) Big Bang
9.) Sea Dreamin
10.) Unleash the Beast
11.) The Last Weed Song

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Article By: Mike Patti