Fat Mike of NOFX Kicks Fan in the Face!

Fat Mike of NOFX Kicks Fan in the Face!

Leave it to Bassist/Vocalist, Fat Mike of NOFX to pull the most punk-rock stunt captured on video this year. While the band was touring Australia, Mike knocked a fan down to the ground and gave him swift a boot to the face!

Various videos from the night confirm Fat Mike had been battling a neck injury during the show and asked fans to stop throwing things at him. Sure enough, drinks found their way to the stage, yet NOFX kept rocking.

While the band was playing “Linoleum”, one of their most popular songs, a fan found his way on stage. The video shows Guitarist/Vocalist, El Hefe letting the fan, Alex, by as he made his way to Fat Mike. Thinking he was going to be supporting the song with some back up vocals, he raised his fist and moved his mouth to the microphone. Mike’s defense mechanism kicked in as he swung his strumming hand out and struck Alex in the side of his head. When the dazed fan fell to the floor, the heavy boot of the NOFX front man found the poor guy’s face.

Alliteration aside, the social media sphere blew up the next day with a mixture of emotions from people, condemning Mike for kicking a patron who paid to see the band and those that know it is not a smart move to surprise Fat Mike on stage.

Although Alex took the blame for the incident, he was a good sport and was invited to their show the next night. The group allowed him back stage, gave him half of a beer as well as a custom-made signed tee-shirt printed with a picture of the now infamous kick. Alex even got to go up onstage with NOFX once again, this time singing alongside Fat Mike

Even better, the band gave the fan a chance for revenge. The fan was able to live out lyrics to the NOFX song “The Brews” from their twenty-year-old album Punk In Drublic and kicked him in the shin while wearing fluffy slippers.

“Orthopedic, Dr. Martens good for waffle making, kicking through the shin. Reputation, gained through intimidation pacifism no longer tradition.” – The Brews

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Article by: Blake Taylor