NEW Album from Freddie McGregor!

NEW Album from Freddie McGregor!

After 40 albums and 30 years, you would think we would have heard it all. However, reggae legend Freddie McGregor is not ready to throw in the towel just yet. His new album “Di Captain” will be released on January 29th, and it has plenty of new sounds to keep fans hooked.

McGregor’s impressive track record (leading the Big Ship label (hinted at in his album title), touring rigorously around the world, and instilling a love of reggae in his two sons (Stephen and Daniel) has certainly made an impact on the reggae scene.

The new album maintains freshness by featuring re-interpretations to several cover songs and some of his own originals. In doing so, McGregor broadens his reach to unite new fans with old fans as his style evolves with current music designs. Some of the covers include “You Wont See Me” by The Beatles, “Rainbow Country” by Bob Marley, and “Equal Rights” by The Heptones.

“These songs were very specially chosen,” Freddie says. “We took the greatest pains in making sure these would be classic songs that will last for a long time. I chose songs like “Equal Rights” because I love the message and because the youth need to hear it. We made a special effort to keep it as grass-roots as we can.”

Keeping with the innovative motif, the album features budding artists, Etana on “Let It Be Me” and Gappy Ranks on Freddie’s new rendition to his original song “Bobby Bobylon”. Other appearances on the album include Mafia & Fluxy and Steely and Clevie adding their bass-and-drum flair. The Heptone’s Leroy Sibbles joins the gang with his bass on tracks such as “Equal Rights”.

After four long-awaited years, the album is ripe and ready to go under the labels of Big Ship and VP Records. Including 16 tracks, fans will appreciate McGregor’s knack for songwriting—30 years later and still brand new ideas! His tribute to Jamaica’s 50th Anniversary of Independence, “Move Up Jamaica”, is a lively track full of meaning.

Although no shows have been announced, McGregor has certainly kept himself busy. Forty albums and hopefully many more—keep ‘em coming!

1. Intro: Jenny Jenny
2. Move Up Jamaica
3. You Won’t See Me
4. Bag A Hype
5. Africa
6. More Love In The Ghetto
7. Love I Believe In
8. Rainbow Country
9. Standing Strong featuring Gappy Ranks
10. Love Ballad
11. There You Go
12. My Story
13. Let It Be Me featuring Etana
14. Jah Love Di Whole A Wi
15. A House Is Not A Home
16. Equal Rights

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Article By: Erin Walsh

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