Gonzo’s New Music Video & Upcoming Tour

Gonzo’s New Music Video & Upcoming Tour

On Friday, February 20th, The Pier will premiere the new Music Video by Ryan Gonzo of Tribal Seeds, with his song “Runnin'”. The video was shot in Brooklyn, NY while Tribal Seeds & Gonzo was on tour. Our new Photo-Journalist, Jeffro Pliskin of Raised Fist Propaganda shot & directed the video & explains how the shoot came together last summer…

Last summer, in between shooting for the Summer Sessions tour for Slightly Stoopid and the Marleys, I was lucky enough to link up with Ryan Gonzo of Tribal Seeds at the Fortunate Youth house, where I had been staying in California.
I had been shooting a music video for Fortunate Youth, called “Burn One,” which in my eyes had been one of their classic songs. Gonzo stopped by and I immediately threw him into the video. He didn’t seem to fight me too much on the idea!

After shooting the Fortunate Youth video, we sat down and started talking about a collaboration project. Knowing that I was from New York, Gonzo asked if we could film his video in Brooklyn, when Tribal Seeds were playing in August of that summer. After a text message exchange or two, we set it up for August 13, 2014 in Williamsburg.

I met Gonzo outside of his tour bus that day. E.N Young & Stephen Suckarie of New Kingston were chillin’ as I rolled up with my boy Vinnie Reggae of the Long Beach crew and we rolled through some ill graffiti spots off Bedford Ave in Brooklyn. We included some cameos of the Rasta Beamer and strolled up to the Roebling Tea room, one of my favorite spots for Green Tea. I gotta say, it was one of my favorite shoots – chill and humble.

Here is what Ryan Gonzo has to say: “Jeff at Raised Fist is the best in the industry. After I saw his work with Slightly Stoopid, I had to collaborate. He works fast and has a great eye. He filmed the video with a 30minute period and really captured the vibe in a short time. Jeff doesn’t make filming seem awkward or uncomfortable. Working with him was very natural and fun.”

Come by The Pier on Friday February 20th, 2015 to view the first official Music Video of Ryan Gonzo with the song “Runnin'”. In the meantime, Gonzo, will be taking his show on the road in Hawaii starting on February 27th being backed by Inna Vision while also performing with The Steppas. You can find details below with tour dates & links to purchase tickets.

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Article & Photos By: Jeff Pliskin