Half Pint Leads Charity

Half Pint Leads Charity

One of the most recognizable Jamaican reggae singers, Half Pint, has led the charge with some critical issues on “The Oval Rock”. The issue at hand is reducing violence against women and children in schools.

Half Pint is teaming up with a United States based anti-bullying campaign, and the project has been dubbed, Relief Environmental Awareness Programme (REAP). Half Pint’s drive to use his musical influence to reduce incidents of violence locally and internationally is commendable. While others in the music industry are stuck in the tabloids for other reasons, a reggae superstar is spending his time on a truly good cause.

Half Pint’s manager, Loyal Haylett said, “Bullying is a serious issue being faced in many schools across the US and at home in Jamaica, we welcome the opportunity to help spread the message to stop the bullying in schools. It also helps his music to reach a new demographic.”

Half Pint and fellow Jamaican reggae-rockers Rootz Underground joined in another program, an initiative comprised of a school tour and competition is intended to engage 50-schools across Jamaica in a bid to help the island maintain its legitimacy as “the land of wood and water”.

The reggae duo will promote tree planting, gardening, recycling, and energy conservation among each school’s students while seeking to unearth talent by way of a competition that takes account of the visual arts, song, dance, poetry, and writing.

It is refreshing to witness how some of the most heralded artists in the reggae community are now giving back to their own communities. With the holidays around the corner, as well as this being the time for giving, our role models continue to shine both on and off the stage.

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Article By: Kris Siuta

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