Happy Birthday Bradley Nowell!

Happy Birthday Bradley Nowell!

Born on Feb 22nd, 1968, no one had any idea what kind of talent had just been brought into the world’s future. Today, Bradley Nowell would have been 45 years young and we continue to celebrate his life & music.

Nowell’s love for music and artistic genius are easily found in Sublime’s music. Brad sang about real life. Through the ups and downs he often described a Southern California lifestyle that many could relate to and envision no matter where in the world they were listening from.

Providing feel good music and promoting a loving lifestyle were some of Brad’s key traits.

Half of Nowell’s ashes were spread out during a memorial in Surfside, California and the other half is buried in Westminster Memorial Park Mortuary. Every year on May 25th, Sublime fans gather at Brad’s memorial site to celebrate his life and his legacy. They show up with flowers, memorabilia, bongs, and 40-ounce bottles to help decorate his headstone.

Brad’s widow, Troy Holmes, did an interview with OC Weekly a couple years ago where she explained the reason behind having Brad in both the ocean and under ground, “I did that for the fans. I wanted there to be a spot for people to go to remember Brad.”

In the same interview with OC Weekly, Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh, reminisces on his past times with Brad. He remembers “how much fun he was to be with, on or off-stage. Brad was the type who liked to enjoy life all the time.”

Through his music, Brad will continue to live forever and no one will ever come close to replacing him and what he accomplished in his brief lifetime. One can’t help but imagine all the great music that he would’ve written if he were still here with us and how happy he would’ve been to see how big the reggae community has become.

“Brad bridged the gap between many genres of music and loved every step on his path.“Jack Maness (Long Beach Dub Allstars)

The Pier would like to pay homage to the man who played an unforgettable role in changing our lives with his music & boosting the reggae-rock community in Southern California and all over the world.

Happy 45th Birthday Bradley James Nowell!
“Just let the Lovin’ take ahold, cuz it will if you let it.”
February 22nd, 1968- May 25th, 1996
Rest In Paradise.

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Article by: David Garcia

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