VP Records’ Celebrate Black History Month

VP Records’ Celebrate Black History Month

The independent reggae label VP Records is celebrating Black History Month this year! To observe the month, they will have a special four-week promotion that offers their iPool members exclusive content each Friday of February. Since reggae is so vital in black history, this is a perfect chance to celebrate its impact.

In edition, customized drops from different VP-related artists give their thoughts on what Black History Month means to them. With the drop, each artist has a focus track that fans can download. Artists include: Freddie McGregor, Morgan Heritage, Richie Stephens, and Etana.

In the words of Freddie McGregor, Black History Month is:
“A time to reflect on all past histories, where we’re coming from, where we are today and where we should be going. Its also a time to remind ourselves that we have to strong as a people, we have to be focused, and we have to do the things that are right. That is my reflection of what Black History Month means to me.”

Track list:
1.) Freddie McGregor – Black History Month Drop 0:31
2.) Freddie McGregor – Equal Rights 3:53
3.) Morgan Heritage – Black History Month Drop 0:51
4.) Morgan Heritage – Perfect Love Song 3:46
5.) Richie Stephens – Black History Month Drop 0:52
6.) Richie Stephens – I Found Heaven 3:16
7.) Etana – Black History Month Drop 0:30
8.) Etana – Reggae 5:50

For more information, go to VP Records Website by clicking HERE

Article by: Erin Walsh

Listen: Morgan Heritage – “Perfect Love Song”