In The Barrel Photo: The Human Wave

In The Barrel Photo: The Human Wave

The 2018 Schools Out For Summer Tour had a dream lineup of Pepper, Stick Figure, and Slightly Stoopid. The chemistry and friendship between these three bands cannot be understated. Every night was a party in another city and all three bands were making guest appearances on each other’s sets. The majority of the tour was completely sold out and fans knew that this particular tour was among the best.

The last show on the epic Florida leg of the tour was sold out at Sunset Cove Amphitheater in Boca Raton, FL on July 22nd, 2018. The crowd was fired up after the Pepper and Stick Figure sets when Stoopid took the stage. A couple songs into the set, a huge storm cell moved quickly into the concert area. A few songs later, lightning struck a nearby transformer cutting out all power. Soon after, strong winds, rain, and lightning prevailed and everyone was called to leave the concert area and wait in their cars.

About an hour later, the power was restored and the weather cleared. Of the more than 6,000 fans that were jamming before the storm, only about 500-700 hardcore Stoopidheads remained. They were treated to another hour set that was something special…incredible energy. They blew the doors off curfew and gave us fans something to remember.

Kyle had picked up a Ron Jon soft top a few days before in Cocoa, FL and proceeded to surf the crowd on it that night. This shot was taken in the second part of the set during their live performance of “Come Around.” It was the only other night on the tour he pulled out the log to catch a Human Wave. The remaining fans knew they had just witnessed something pretty special!

As of this writing, there are limited edition prints of this iconic shot inside a 16″x24″ frame. You can purchase this exclusively inside The Pier Store by clicking HERE!

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Written with Photo by: In The Barrel Photo