Video Premiere: Mix Mob – Cruizer Love (Saint Dog Tribute Version)

Video Premiere: Mix Mob – Cruizer Love (Saint Dog Tribute Version)

On October 13th, 2020, family, friends & fans of hip-hop artist, Saint Dog, mourned his untimely passing as tributes in the form of pictures, lyrics, songs & videos continue to make their rounds online. Fans knew Saint Dog best for his signature raspy rap flow as trademarked during the formative years of performing with Kottonmouth Kings.

Saint Dog was actually a founding member of the California hip-hop outfit as his presence and influence was instrumental in the success of classic tracks like “Suburban Life,” “Bump,” “Dog’s Life,” “Play On,” among others. Saint Dog will be forever missed by the group and fans around the world.

Watch: Mix Mob – “Cruizer Love” (Saint Dog Tribute Version)

The latest tribute comes from San Diego, CA’s Mix Mob who has revisited their classic Reggae-Rock song, “Cruizer Love,” that featured Saint Dog, giving it a remembrance make-over.

The original version of “Cruizer Love” was released on Mix Mob’s debut album, So Cal Drunks, that dropped May of 2002. For time-period perspective, that was about 1 month after Pepper released Kona Town and a little less than a year before Slightly Stoopid’s Everything You Need dropped.

Mix Mob burst onto the scene in the early 2000’s catching the attention of Kevin Zinger, who signed them to Suburban Noize Records. So Cal Drunks is considered an underground classic (and one Zinger needs to put on Vinyl). This classic debut album contained 16 songs that featured Mix Mob’s rock, hip-hop and beach-reggae jams with dub interludes. “Cruizer Love” was the hit song from the record and a Reggae-Rock anthem for its time period with its mellow, laid back vibe spotlighted by Saint Dog’s bright and brash signature vocal presence.

“Saint was a huge influence on me as an artist and a larger than life personality. His delivery was unique and his stage presence was second to none. He really knew how to draw in the crowd with his intensity and passion,” says Mix Mob vocalist, Ryan Weaver.

18 years after Mix Mob collaborated with Saint Dog, whose real name was Steven Thronson, the boys put together a tribute song & video commemorating their time together, going back to the early 2000s.

“The idea to write this tribute came out of a discussion that Kevin Zinger and I had shortly after Steve’s passing,” Ryan explains. “I think we were both just looking for ways in which we could honor him. It is more of a tribute than a traditional song but I think those that remember that song will get it. My hope is that people listen to it and smile as they remember Steve’s best qualities. I hope it brings a tiny bit of peace to his family, especially his son Max.”

The cover artwork for Mix Mob’s “Cruizer Love” (Saint Dog Tribute) is an original illustration by artist Jim Evans, also known as TAZ the “Rock Poster God”. TAZ has illustrated and designed some of the most iconic rock posters for everyone from Neil Young, the Ramones, Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies and more.

To honor Saint Dog, SRH has made 10 limited-edition original prints of Jim Evans “Cruizer Love” artwork online at The proceeds from the prints will go towards helping Saint Dog’s son and family.

Rest In Peace Steven “Saint Dog” Thronson.

Listen: Mix Mob – Cruizer Love ft. Saint Dog (Original Version)

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Article By: Mike Patti

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