International Farmers New Release!

International Farmers New Release!

Yes it is finally here, the much anticipated follow up to International Farmers debut album Closer Than Close hit stores earlier this month. Stories You Rewind features 13-tracks of reggae gold, incorporating performances from a handful of other artists and mixers: Juan Nelson, Matt Holloman, and Big Nes to name a few.

Daniel Primavera, singer/songwriter for the Farmers, put it simply when he said “The new record is very much to the point. I can’t stop pressing repeat while listening to the early mixes. That’s always a good sign”.

Throughout the recording process, the band fused the sounds of the flute, sax, organ, clavinet and other instruments to create a unique, laid back reggae vibe. The guys have put their blood, sweat, and tears in to this album along with countless hours in the studio and it shows. Stories You Rewind is available for download now on iTunes, so check it out for yourself!

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Article By: Jason Gallagher

Video: International Farmers King of Defeat