Review: Passafire – Remixed From Scratch

Review: Passafire – Remixed From Scratch

Passafire – Remixed From Scratch
1. Start From Scratch (Sohma Remix)
2. Dimming Sky (Johnny Cosmic Remix)
3. Miss You (Drastics Remix)
4. Kiss My Head (Weisil Dust Remix)
5. Hard To Believe (Ted Bowne Remix)
6. Lorelie (GooZe Remix)
7. Train Wreck (Cousin Dan Remix)
8. Rubberbands (Budo Remix)
9. Winter Wren (Johnny Cosmic Remix)
10. Shapes and Colors (GooZe Productions and Fluid Minds Remix)
11. La Fuenta (Ted Bowne Remix)
12. Epiphany (Will Kubley Remix)
13. Start From Scratch (Dusty Riach Remix)
14. Start From Scratch (GooZe Productions Remix)
15. Start From Scratch (Drastics Remix)
16. Start From Scratch DUB (Drastics Remix)
17. Start From Scratch (Will Kubley Remix)
18. Dubbing Sky (Contraband/Tomorrows Bad Seeds Remix)
19. Miss You (Alter Ego Remix)
20. Miss You (VisionCreative Remix)
21. Lorelie (Decide Project Remix)
22. Train Wreck (GooZe Productions Remix)

The Pier Album Rating:

Release Date: September 27th, 2012
Record Label: FlameGuy Records
Official Website: Passafire Website

Group Background:
Passafire formed nearly 10 years ago in Savannah, GA. The current line-up, including front man Ted Bowne, bassist Will Kubley, drummer Nick Kubley and keys maestro Mike DeGuzman, came together in 2011 to create “Start From Scratch”—the band’s fourth studio album. The appropriately titled album established a fresh direction for the band, as the addition of DeGuzman, balanced organic and synthesized sounds, a new record label and working with Producer Paul Leary, all came together to create one of the best albums in 2011, along with a re-energized faith that today’s music hasn’t been completely hijacked by mainstream radio and overproduced pop.

Album Review:
The challenge of any tribute or remix album is to balance the need to create something new, with staying true to the original song. If creating this balance was Passafire’s goal, they accomplished it with “Remixed From Scratch.” Simply put, if you like (or love) “Start From Scratch” you will feel the same way about “Remixed From Scratch.” The names behind the 22-remixed tracks include Contraband (aka Tomorrows Bad Seeds), Jimkata, Cousin Dan, The Drastics, The Fluids, as well as Ted Bowne, Will Kubley and Mike DeGuzman of Passafire.

If you’re a fan of the title track “Start From Scratch” you are in for a treat—because there are six (yes six) remixed versions of the song on the album. The version that stands out is track number 14, “Start From Scratch (GooZe Productions Remix).” The song has an Atmosphere-like feel, featuring a dark-hip-hop sound, as well as keys and piano.

The majority of songs have been remixed with Bowne’s voice layered-over the track; however, there are a couple of songs where the collaborator either added several vocal tracks or took on the song completely by themselves. Johnny Cosmic provides additional vocals on “Winter Wren,” while Alter Ego gives “Miss You” a complete hip-hop inspired face-lift. Others like Contraband, aka Tomorrows Bad Seeds, took the liberty to rename and almost completely remake “Dimming Sky” into a dub-dance track called, “Dubbing Sky.”

While most of the remixed songs have taken on a new life with heavy dub sounds, synthesizers and even hip-hop beats, others have been simplified and stripped down. The singer-songwriter/rock feeling “Train Wreck” is transformed by DeGuzman (GooZe Productions) into a ballad, featuring a piano and plucking strings and smooth harmonies from a string section. The song is beautifully composed and a welcomed addition to “Remixed From Scratch.” The addition of this remixed version demonstrates Passafire’s versatility, as well as potentially foreshadows what an acoustic set (or tour) would sound like.

Written & Reviewed By: Kit Chalberg

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