Interview: Fayuca

Interview: Fayuca

Fayuca is a reggae/rock/punk/ska band from the growing reggae scene in Arizona. Much like many great bands, the trio of Fayuca (Gabriel Solorzano-Guitar/Vocals, Rafael Ruiz-Drums and Cisco Carballo-Bass), all met in high school and have been performing since 2003. Fayuca has shared the stage with notable acts such as Damien “Jr. Gong” Marley, Nas, Ballyhoo!, 311 and The Dirty Heads, all while touring across the nation.

As Fayuca hit the road for a West Coast swing performing select dates up the coast, as well as the Rocky Mountains and the Southwest, The Pier was fortunate to catch up with Gabriel to discuss their anticipation of performing in So Cal, again, as well as a new album in the works and what their favorite song to play live is. Enjoy!

The Pier: Just to start things off, can you give the fans of The Pier a brief rundown of some of Fayuca’s main influences within the band’s sound?
Fayuca: Fayuca’s sound has been heavily influenced by the universal Latin/Ska/ Reggae scene emerging in the mid to late 90’s; bands such as RX Bandits, Pilfers, Caifanes, Panteon Rococo, Manu Chao, Maldita Vecindad, Voodoo Glow Skulls and Authority Zero have helped mold the music we play today. This was a time when bands weren’t afraid to cross into other genres and experiment with their sounds and we strive to do the same.

The Pier: Before you guys hit the road for your fall tour throughout California, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas, you performed with one of your main influences: renowned Latin and multi-lingual touring artist Manu Chao in your hometown within the cultural melting pot of Phoenix, AZ. Of all the performers you shared the stage with, how does Manu Chao compare, and what was it like to play in the heart of Downtown Phoenix?
Fayuca: Watching Manu Chao live has been an inspiring and life changing experience for us. Manu Chao found a way to tap into a culture and connect with massive crowds to relay a message of unity and peace. His music speaks a universal language.

The Pier: Now that you are off to life on the road for select dates this month, what are you most looking forward to about the tour? Any venues that are uncharted territory, or other artists you’re anticipating sharing the stage with?
Fayuca: This is sort of like a hometown tour for us. We’re hitting cities which we can almost consider a second home. We’ve been touring for a few years now and have made many friends along the way. We are looking forward to the entire tour as a whole…There are definitely a few dates, which stand out a little more than others. We are excited to play all of Southern CA…The weather out here is wonderful and the vibe is always enjoyable.

The Pier: Since you began playing live shows in 2003, Fayuca has mixed reggae/punk/ska/a little metal and Latin grooves. Do you have one song that you know will boost the energy for the rest of the night, or a fan favorite that is sure to please unsuspecting concertgoers?
Fayuca: “Shoot It Up” is always the crowd pleaser and fun to play live. There are a few songs we look forward to playing like “Dirty Girl” or “Altro Argumento”. But, the winner is a remake we did of a classic cumbia song called “La Negra Tomasa” which is always a blast to perform; the crowd goes nuts with that one!

The Pier: You guys have built a strong contingent in the Southwest in large part to relentless touring. But, you have also released three albums since 2007 on Lock & Key Records, how has the reception been for your latest release “The Assassination”?
Fayuca: “The Assassination” was greatly received by new and old fans. The blend of Dub, Rock, Punk and Latin Rock sticks well in the modern Reggae scene. The record landed us some great tours and features on TV, radio and film. We have definitely grown from this album and look forward to our records only getting better and better.

The Pier: With that being said, are there any plans for Fayuca to release a new album in 2012?
Fayuca: Funny that you ask! We are currently working on our next release… Our fans will have to connect on our FaceBook to stay posted. But we are shooting for a late winter or early 2012 release.

The Pier: If you could have one new fan walk away from each show telling their friends about Fayuca’s live performance, what would that be?
Fayuca: Hopefully they say, “Oh my god I creamed my pants!”

The Pier: HAHA! Once again, thank you for your time! Everyone at The Pier truly appreciates the insight into your tour!
Fayuca: Thank you to The Pier for always supporting the culture, BIG HUG, little hug, little kiss, BIG KISS!

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Interview by: Kris Siuta