Interview: Iration

Interview: Iration

Iration is headlining their second annual Lei’d Back Fall tour with Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds & Through The Roots to complete a loaded bill. The tour is in the midst of 38 concerts in 44 days. The Pier was grateful to catch up with Iration’s bassist Adam Taylor for an update between shows in Orlando, Fl and Ft. Lauderdale. Adam discussed preparations for the wild ride on tour, including a memorable experience at Lollapalooza, starting up their new label, as well as guidance from LAW Records owners Pepper. Take a look at all the rest below!

The Pier: It is great to catch up with you guys again. The Pier is really appreciative of your time and especially the music you give the fans. You guys have been blowing up since 2007! Did you ever think you would be selling out nationwide tours with routine at this point in your run?
Iration: We always strived and worked toward being at this point, but to actually be where we are right now is pretty surreal. We’re just really appreciative to be able to make music that we enjoy playing and that our fans enjoy listening to.

The Pier: This is your second annual Lei’d Back Tour as headliners, but you guys have been all over the map as of late, which tour or festival was the most memorable? I know you guys played Lollapalooza this past year. How epic was that?
Iration: I would say that being on this year’s Lollapalooza bill was definitely one of the most epic experiences of our career. It really opened our eyes to what bigger bands are doing in their live shows and how we can improve as a band.

The Pier: “Fresh Grounds” was your most recent release on your own record label 3 Prong Records. How is it to control your own record label, now?
Iration: It’s great. We were stoked to release Time Bomb on LAW Records to say thank you to Pepper for all the support they gave us over the years, and now to have our own record label is a dream come true. We have a really good team of guys working with the label, and us. We are looking forward to expanding in the future.

The Pier: Did the Pepper boys and LAW Records give you some guidance into how to “man the ship” and what to expect?
Iration: Yes, definitely. They’re our mentors and we really owe a lot of our success to the work ethic and drive they instilled in us.

The Pier: No matter what, you have to be pretty pleased with the success thus far, “Fresh Grounds” hit #1 on the Heatseekers Billboard charts, so that must be an amazing feeling.
Iration: It is! We never thought that our albums would do so well and it definitely is an amazing feeling to know that our hard work is paying off and that our fans like the new music.

The Pier: Are you guys pumped for 38 shows in 44 days, going from coast to coast? Do you guys have any preparations that were different than past tours?
Iration: We’re stoked. As far as preparations, we have new sponsors like Ernie Ball and Dark Star amps so we’re a lot better prepared than when we first started touring. We also just got an iPad for our merchandise booth so that fans can sign up for our street-team and receive a free unreleased track “No Time”.

The Pier: Finishing up, what can fans expect on the remainder of the Lei’d Back tour?
Iration: They can expect a high-energy rock show each night with some kick-ass bands!

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Interview by: Kris Siuta
Photos by: David Norris and Jenni Anspach