Jimmy Cliff Confirms ‘The Harder They Come’ Sequel

Jimmy Cliff Confirms ‘The Harder They Come’ Sequel

The 1972 cult classic film The Harder They Come, which starred a young Jimmy Cliff, is often credited with taking reggae music from the streets of Jamaica and introducing it to a global audience. Directed by the late Perry Henzell, The Harder They Come is considered one of the most influential films to ever come out of Jamaica. The-Harder-They-Come

The beloved movie soundtrack features hits from a handful of legendary musicians, including Cliff, Toots & The Maytals, and Desmond Dekker.

The Pier recently caught up with Jimmy Cliff to discuss the rumors of a potential sequel.

“Yes! That is still on the table, very much on the front burner,” says Cliff. He continued, adding, “What I’ve learned, when you’re making a movie there are three things. 1 is the script, 2 is the script, and 3 is the script. It’s all about the script! Once you have the script everything else falls into place. So we’re all working on that, just waiting to see when we’re all happy. Everyone saying ‘Yes! This is it.’ Then we’ll go ahead. We thought we would have had something last winter, but everyone didn’t say ‘Yeah!’ to the script. But it’s very much on the front burner.”

In addition to hashing out plans for the sequel to The Harder They Come, Cliff has been preparing to release a new set of music, either in the form of an album or potentially a double-EP. Earlier this year he also put out a music video, shot in downtown Kingston, for his new single “Life.” 

Be sure to check back with The Pier for updated information regarding the film and the upcoming music. You can read our full interview with Jimmy Cliff HERE!

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Article By: Brian Winters

Jimmy Cliff – “The Harder They Come”