Matisyahu & Common Kings’ New Single ‘Broken Crowns’

Matisyahu & Common Kings’ New Single ‘Broken Crowns’

When hype was building shortly after Matisayhu and Common Kings broke the news that they’d be hitting the road together for numerous tour dates in the Fall, Common Kings informed The Pier that “fans could expect some fire to drop soon between the two acts.” Common Kings and Matisyahu fulfilled their promise, dropping a collaborative single “Broken Crowns” via Mensch House Records.
Matisyahu is still reeling from the success of his latest album Undercurrent from May, and Common Kings have been hitting the road and lighting up the stage ever since their debut full-length album Lost In Paradise hit the streets back in February 2017. When news dropped that The Broken Crowns Fall Tour would feature Matisyahu, Broken Crowns and Orphan over several months across 53 cities dropped, it only helped fuel the fire.

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The track itself carries lighter tones and texture, and teases with house influences. There is a back-and-forth trade off in vocals and verses throughout the track by Matisyahu and JR King, and it pairs together in excellent fashion. “Broken Crowns” attentively lulls the listener to a relaxed state of mind, with tropically-influenced instrumentals throughout the track.

Enjoy the song below as you can own the track via iTunes by clicking HERE!

Listen: Matisyahu & Common Kings – “Broken Crowns”

It’s not too late to grab your tickets to see Matisyahu, Common Kings and the debut of Orphan, as plenty of dates and locations still remain. Grab your tickets today and check out the full listing of tour dates by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Brian Glaser

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