Johnny Cosmic Drops New Song “High Times” Featuring Shwayze & Surfer Girl

Johnny Cosmic Drops New Song “High Times” Featuring Shwayze & Surfer Girl

Johnny Cosmic High Tides

Going into the new year of 2024 with this sweet bangin collaboration is vital to our existence! If every reggae rock band from East Coast vs West Coast came together and had one single stepchild, this human would be the epitome of this song.  Johnny Cosmic, a super dynamic producer, artist, and creator, lands this with two other accomplished artists, Surfer Girl and Shwayze! Take a dive and delve deep into this song, press play, and the doors will unlock to another dimension when you listen to “High Times”.

With a fusion of hypnotic trippy sounds, this trifecta is so connected, they come together like peanut butter and jelly! Known for their extreme talent and authenticity, it just makes perfect sense to create such an oceanic uplifting harmony!

“High Times” is an exploration that has such an eclectic fusion luring with sexiness and intense lyrical content which will sink into your soul. I probably hit play about 20 times and loved it more each time. Reggae beats and keen keyboards, as vocals echo in the air synchronizing into the high times of life.

Dancing all night to this beat is nice and easy with the candles lit, and blue ocean waves reflecting from the horizon sending us the signals of this extra special vibration exuding positivity. Check it out, Johnny Cosmic featuring Surfer Girl & Shwayze by the Water’s Edge soothing our souls with “High Times” is hands down one of the best hits of the year!


By: Stef Sanchez