What Is the Rock-Reggae Community Thankful For On Thanksgiving? 2023 Edition

What Is the Rock-Reggae Community Thankful For On Thanksgiving? 2023 Edition

Thanksgiving is a time for reflection and being surrounded by loved ones. We asked the rock-reggae community what they were thankful for. Check out the heartfelt responses we got back below.


IRATION – “We are thankful for our families, friends and for the support of all the Irators.”


OPIE (LONG BEACH DUB ALLSTARS) – “I’m thankful to be alive and to spend time with my family and friends and to be able to be creative with art and music.”


KYLE SMITH – “I am extremely thankful for everyone that came to see us or bought a shirt this year. I get to visit Mom & Dad and have December off for the first time in 4 years because of everyone’s support and couldn’t be luckier.”



COMMON KINGS – “We are thankful for our family that has supported our dreams from the beginning, our friends that have had our backs throughout our journey, and this gift of music that has been bestowed on us by God. Last but not least we are thankful for our amazing fans that have brought us this far, and that will continue to take us to new heights. We can’t do this without you all! Thank You!”


NATHAN AURA – “I’m so thankful for my family, my beautiful 5 month old baby boy, and my wife. I’m so thankful for music and every opportunity that it’s given me. I’m thankful for the focus, direction, and purpose that I’ve found and I’m thankful for every single fan out there that allows me the opportunity to live my dreams. Happy Thanksgiving!”


SAMMY JOHNSON – “This year I am so thankful I didn’t gain any more weight lol but I’m also thankful for Popeyes, KFC, Taro, and of course corned beef!”