Katastro’s KAMP FEST Recap

Katastro’s KAMP FEST Recap

Katastro‘s KAMP FEST was held this past weekend in Mesa Amphitheatre in Mesa, AZ to honor and celebrate the life of frontman Andy J. Chaves.

Katastro's Kamp Fest Recap

Katastro’s KAMP FEST Recap

The show was completely sold-out. Sending a message of how powerful the rock-reggae community can be when it comes together.

Katastro were rising to international superstardom before Andy’s life tragically ended on May 12th 2022. Andy was involved in a car accident in Newport Beach California.

While the band is mostly known in the Cali Reggae scene and were often added to festivals within that sphere. Katastro brought unique sounds melting together traditional hip hop and reggae rock.

The outpouring of support following Andy’s passing was immediate. A 24 hour candlelight vigil for several days at his hometown venue The Marquee Theater in Tempe AZ.  Followed by a formal unveiling of a large portrait of Andy that is now on display within the walls at The Marquee theater.

The band wanted to give Andy the send off they knew Andy would want for his fans. They brought together some of his closest friends in the music industry.

Katastro's KAMP FEST RecapFor a two day music extravaganza which started with a pre-party at The Marquee Theater on Friday night February the 3rd with Cydeways , Mouse Powell
and Pariah Pete. Followed by a full festival style event the following day on  at the Mesa Amphitheater. Featuring Barefoot, The Irie, Bikini Trill, Pacific Dub, Rome & Duddy,  with Katastro closing out the evening. Several of Andy’s friends sitting in on vocals including Colton place of pacific dub, Jared Watson and Duddy from Dirty Heads, Logan Rex from Artikal Sound System, Micah Pueschel and Micah Brown from Iration.

The estimated crowd of 4,000 included travelers from as far away as Canada and Mexico City. U.S  fan base was present from nearly each of the 50 states as noted in a poll taken on Katastro’s official Facebook Fan group page.
GENTLE PREDATORS – FANS OF KATASTRO. Heartfelt pictures, videos, and comments are also flowing endlessly within the group.

Katastro's KAMP FEST RecapThe band announced they will be releasing an album they had been working on prior to Andy’s passing. They will be working with several artists including Dirty Heads.

While band merchandising completely sold out at the show, the merch store online is currently being restocked with items being available soon at katastromusic.com.

Follow Katastro on Instagram @katastro.

Story by Joe Gamez

Photos by Josh Nash.