Kimié Miner’s Upcoming Self-Titled Record

Kimié Miner’s Upcoming Self-Titled Record

One of our favorite singer/songwriters is Kimié Miner from the Hawaiian Islands with her harmonious and elegant EP’s Distant Traveler (2009) and To The Sea (2013). We are re-introduced to the rising star with her latest album fittingly called Kimié Miner to be released independently on Oct. 9, 2015.

Kimie has been writing songs since she was 14 years old and the storytelling from Kimié Miner will tell tales of her world travels, time in Southern California, and reconnection to her Hawaiian roots. Her superfluity of musical influence is bound to blend her experience in Reggae, Hawaiian, and Pop with her overwhelming capacity to perform Soul, R&B, and Jazz.

The theme of her new album is “land” as Kimié explains, “It’s about our connection to the land and the seasons we experience both in our surroundings and within ourselves.”

The first single from the album is “New Day” which has graced the Hawaiian airwaves since last year and warns against the struggles of addiction while encouraging hope and healing through music.

The second single, “Bottom of a Rainbow” takes Kimié back to her childhood memory of being parked at the beach listening to reggae with her dad in his Ford Bronco. Her past is then connected with a more recent memory of jamming with friends on the beach next to a bon-fire reminding us “the best things in life come free.”

LISTEN: “Bottom of a Rainbow”

A majority of the 11 track album was produced with Billy Van, with whom she met while on tour with The Green. The two wrote and recorded “Trouble,” “Throwback Love,” and “Make It To Morning” while in Indianapolis in just shy of one week. The musical connection between the two caused Kimié to bring Van to Hawai’i to complete the rest of the record.

“Love is the Melody” was co-written with Caleb Keolanui of The Green while he was on tour and Kimié was thousands of miles away in Hawai’i. Using their separate love interests as motivation, the song’s collaboration tells the story of how music can encourage intimacy in the face of long distances.

Prepare for your soul to be soothed and the mood to be mellow when listening to Kimié Miner. Her honesty and illuminated personality will connect any listener to the beauty and natural wonder of the land they call home, even if they are not lucky enough to live in Hawai’i. It just might encourage you to get off your couch and visit the countless other beautiful places beyond your borders.

“I am not just a Hawaiian entertainer. I am a songwriter with a mission to let my roots give me wings. I want to be able to show young people that they can be proud of who they are and where they come from while still exploring the rest of the world.”

You can pre-order Kimié Miner on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Kimie Miner 1.) Bottom of a Rainbow
2.) Throwback Love
3.) Love’s In The Melody (ft Caleb of The Green)
4.) Trouble
5.) Make It To Morning
6.) Fallin’ Again
7.) Shine
8.) Kumulau (Interlude)
9.) Lullabies
10.) New Day
11.) Sweet Company

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Article by: Blake Taylor

WATCH: Kimié Miner – “New Day”