Live: John Browns Body (6-2-12)

Live: John Browns Body (6-2-12)

Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2012
Line up: John Brown’s Body, Hor!zen, Savi Fernandez Band
Location: The Plaza Live. Orlando, Florida

After a ten date run down the East coast. John Brown’s Body ended their Southeast Tour Saturday Night in Orlando, Florida. The Pier was fortunate enough to get down to The Plaza Live to watch this talented eight piece.

I got into the crowd just as Orlando’s own Hor!zen was starting up. As the crowd filled in, the band played several songs off their EP. Getting ready for their summer tour and upcoming album release, the band played, a cool opening set, experimenting with different variations of older songs, and several new ones. Hor!zen’s upbeat reggae, set the stage for what was to come.

I found that people came from all over to see JBB. There was probably 100 people in the crowd, a lot of true fans of the band. I met up with Shawn of West Palm, FL. He said “I came because of their awesome vibes…the music is so good… I look up to these guys as a musician…They are one of the best bands around!” A cool dude by the name of Goose told me, “I drove up to see Savi Fernandez play..and defiantly JBB .. It’s the second time I’ve seen them play..I love the energy in their music.”

Of course the locals were out too, ready to jam, Right before John Brown’s body Started, Nate of Orlando told the me “JBB in my town.. I can’t miss it!… Watch the drummer, listen to the bass… watch them all go around… it’s fun to watch… the sound is unreal.” That was, the best introduction I could have gotten, as John Brown’s Body got right into it.

John Brown’s Body came out early and played over 2 solid hours. They just kept going, with plenty of crowd pleasers, and a few new tunes. The first thing I noticed when JBB started, besides the funky aroma in the air, was front man Elliot Martin. He has a beautifully wide range and cadence that empowers the band’s root reggae sound.

As I slowly looked from left to right I noticed the complex body of musicians along the stage. From the low end bass lines to the infamous three piece horn section, the “body” as a whole has an unbelievable range as well.

The horns fade in and out, the synthesizer adds in effects, and the unyielding rhythmic drumming supports it all. That drummer didn’t stop all night! It all mashes together so well. Every song has its intricacies, uniqueness, various dubs and jams. There was constant energy streaming off the stage throughout the two hour session.

After the set, we got a chance to talk with keyboardist Jon Petronzio ,and Trumpet player Sam Dechenne. Since it was the last night of the tour I asked them about the run, and their plans for their break. “It was a fun tour… really good… the fans have been great!… Now the band will be working on the new material, and will hopefully be able to release it in the near future.”

John Brown’s Body is original progressive roots reggae at its finest. Their technical sound is so well blended and full. It’s uplifting, crisp, tight, and it moves. If this live performance is any indication of the sound of the new upcoming album, then I am very excited to hear it.

All members are truly talented musically and, you could tell the crowd appreciated it. They didn’t want the band to stop, They played what seemed to be “the last” song 3 times then came back out for a long 3 song encore.

John Brown’s Set List:
Can This Be True
Why Do We
What We Goin Do?
You Are
Piecing Together
Walk All Over You
[Set list exactly as written on stage, material performed live may differ.]

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Article By: Aaron Solomon
Photos By: Peter Monti

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Haven’t seen John Brown’s Body live?…Check out this live Moboogie Video!