MP3 Leak of the Week: Stick Figure

MP3 Leak of the Week: Stick Figure

With a new album set to drop June 12, 2012, The Pier has shifted its spotlight to San Diego, CA’s Stick Figure. This week only, Stick Figure is sharing his NEW song, that features a guest appearance by the only and only, Half Pint. Lets check it out with the new song “Women of the Night”….

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  • Stick Figure – “Women of the Night” (Feat. Half Pint)

    Background on new song “Women of the Night”:

    As is the case with most MP3 Leaks, we love to hear the artists perspective on the song, along with the background on the track to fully understand and grasp the meaning of the song. Here’s what Scott Woodruff of Stick Figure had to say in regards to the song “Women of the Night” feat Half Pint. Enjoy the background while you listen to the new song…

    “Women of the night is a song that I wrote with my friend TJ when we were traveling in Thailand. The melody to the song was taken from one part of an old school Bob Marley tune. During the trip, we both had the melody to that song stuck in our head for days…When we arrived in Ko Samuii we immediately hit the town that night and checked out a few bars. We were constantly hounded by the street women trying to make a buck. You literally couldn’t go anywhere with out being yelled at by these young women. The next day we were swimming in the ocean and I began humming the melody again, but this time I randomly came up with “Women of the night, yeah, they’re everywhere in sight, yeah.” At first it was kind of a joke but we then started bouncing ideas off each other and the song was born.”

    In regards to acquiring Half Pint for the song, Scott told The Pier…

    “When I first got news that Half Pint is down to be featured on the album, I was really excited. He has been a longtime inspiration of mine, so it was kind of a dream come true. At first, I wasn’t sure what song would be the best fit for Half Pint…At the time, ‘Women of the Night’ was in its early stages and I had this one part that needed something else..whether it was a guitar solo or a guest vocalist, it def needed something. I sent Half Pint the song and he was down for it. Half Pint killed it and I am really happy with the way it turned out. I especially love the approach he took with his message. A bit different than mine, but perfect for the song”
    Scott Woodruff, Stick Figure

    Stick Figure Bio/Background:
    Stick Figure has returned yet again to bring you his fifth full length studio album, “Burial Ground”, set for release on June 12th 2012. Just in time for the summer, the highly anticipated album was written, recorded, and produced by the one man band musical mastermind, Scott Woodruff and is undoubtedly Stick Figure’s best work to date.

    The album represents a new milestone in Stick Figures musical growth and innovative abilities, with more layering, instrumental transcendence, and lyrical complexity then ever before. Featuring 14 new signature tracks, two of which feature vocal appearances by the legendary reggae singer Half Pint and long-time friend TJ O’Neill, Burial Ground is sure to be Stick Figure’s most inspiring album to date.

    “Burial Ground” is now available for pre-order along with the all-new LIMITED EDITION Stick Figure t-shirts. All pre-orders will ship on or before June 8th 2012. Go to the Stick Figure Website below for more Pre-Order Details.

    Upcoming Stick Figure Shows:
    July 28th @ Typhoon Saloon. San Diego, CA
    July 29th @ 710 Beach Club. San Diego, CA

    Stick Figure Links:
    Stick Figure Website
    Stick Figure Facebook

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    Article By: Mike Patti

    Listen to another new song off Stick Figure’s new album Burial Ground, with the song “Hard Drugs”. But don’t forget to download “Women of the NIght” on the right hand column of our homepage. Enjoy!