Live: Slightly Stoopid (9-7-13)

Live: Slightly Stoopid (9-7-13)

Date: Saturday, September 7th. 2013
Line Up: Slightly Stoopid, Redman
Venue: WaMu Theatre. Seattle, WA

Seattle awoke to a hazy fog the morning after Redman and Slightly Stoopid played at the WAMU Theater September 7th as part of the Homegrown party sponsored by High Times. The show was following the Cannabis Cup, which brings people from surrounding states to show off their prize “crops”. The show and event was the best possible way to end the phenomenal summer concert series that the Seattle area has seen.

The Cannabis Cup was more like a trade show than a festival, differing from the previous pot honoring event of the summer with the Seattle Hemp Fest. The Cannabis Cup included workshops, seminars, and the latest inventions and products in the cannabis culture. The day was filled with networking, sampling and dabbing. Dabbing is the latest in cannabis consumption that uses a concentrate and is supposed to get you super high. One vendor applauded Washington state voters for legalizing recreational use of marijuana and that the Cannabis Cup was a great way to learn and test the latest products in the cannabis culture.

The Cannabis Cup trade show event took place at Freemont Studios, located just north of Seattle, WA. However, the musical performances was held at the WAMU Theater, easily a 15 minute drive south. Also, with two sporting events going on at the same time next door, parking was less than favorable. Flipping the cash for the cab ride would have been the way to go. That is my biggest criticism of the entire event, that the trade show area was so far, which was difficult to get to. The venue was otherwise a great fit for the event.

Once fans made it to the music venue, they waited in a growing line and were welcomed by the Drunken Chef and Chef Mary Jane. They amped up the line, asking for anyone in line who did not have a ticket. Appearing as a typical ticket scalper, a few walked over ready to negotiate a price; the Drunken Chef gave them all tickets and got the line of stoned fans, cheering. He continued to get the crowd excited for the show, as they waited in a line beyond scheduled doors opening.

The venue also had two beer gardens which was big enough to keep unbearably long beer lines from forming. There was a lot of production that went into setting the tone for this event and it was pleasant. One fan, Billy McIntyre describes his feelings before the start of the show by saying he was, “So dabbing excited!”

Redman took the stage around 9:30pm. His musical focus was hip hop of the 1990’s, claiming it to be “the best era of hip hop”. The crowd sang along to the classic favorites including, “Jump Around” by House of Pain and his own classic, “How to Roll a Blunt”. Redman, also in the middle of his set took a dab on stage. One FAIL Seattle fans dropped the ball on, was knowing the lyrics to Method Man’s song, “Da Rockwilder”, off of Blackout! It looks like we have some music to brush up on before the next Redman and Method Man show as Redman alluded to.

Redman’s performance left the crowd ready for the headlining group, Slightly Stoopid. Fans, before Stoopid took the stage, commented on their excitement and songs they wanted to hear. One fan and CEO of CloudPenz, Brett Albanese said, “[He]…wanted to hear wiseman for sure.” Another fan said that he would like to “hear anything from Top of The World, but ‘2am’ and ‘The Joint’ need to be played.”

While many fans seemed to want to hear the latest songs from Slightly Stoopid, the nostalgic smoking songs from their youth seemed to be the favorite. Alysia, attending her first Cannabis Cup and seeing Slightly Stoopid, describes her feelings of the events as “…An amazing opportunity to see Slightly Stupid in a unique setting following such a great day. This is my first Cannabis Cup and I will be returning next year!”

Around 10:30pm Slightly Stoopid took the stage, kicking the set off with, “Chicken Fried Reggae”, followed up with “Don’t Stop”. The fans got up out of the chairs in the distance and joined the mob in the cloud in front of the stage. Slightly Stoopid rocked the stage, switching between the vocals of Miles Doughty and Kyle McDonald. Each vocalist used the entire stage to make sure they reached and connected with each and every fan swaying to the beats.

There were two musical guests that joined Slightly Stoopid, Marlon Asher and Ethan Tucker. Slightly Stoopid and Marlon Asher performed “Ganja Farmer”. A little further into the show, Ethan Tucker also joined Slightly Stoopid on stage after attending the Sounders match at the adjoining CentryLink Field. Tucker delivered a brilliant guitar solo that captivated the crowd with his talent. The band ended with the classic song, “Express Youself” originally by Charles Wright, but played with a Slightly Stoopid flare while the horns played strong, like in the original piece.

As the band left the stage the fans chanted “Encore!” and Slightly Stoopid came back out to deliver a phenomenal encore asking the fans what they wanted to hear. This is where fans were able to shout out, “Wiseman” and the group performed the anticipated classic. They went on to play several more songs as they were shouted out by fans.

The show ended late with copious amounts of cannabis consumed throughout the day. High Times put a great Cannabis Cup together and nailed it with the musical performance choices. Redman brought a power packed energy to the stage and Slightly Stoopid rocked the show.

Slightly Stoopid Set-List:
1.) Chicken Fried Reggae
2.) Don’t Stop
3.) Anywhere
4.) Pussy Gets Wet
5.) Way you move
6.) Wicked Rebel
7.) This Joint
8.) 2AM
9.) Ganja Farmer ft. Marlon Asher
10.) Del Ray
11.) Dancin
12.) Ocean
13.) Sensimilla
14.) Ska Diddy
15.) Baby I like it
16.) Tow
17.) 2 piece chicken
18.) No Cocaine
19.) Tighten up
20.) Express Yourself
1.) Wiseman
2.) Closer to the sun
3.) Fat Spliffs
4.) We Don’t want to go

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Article By: Melissa Cambra
Photos By: Amanda Zancanella

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