Live: Sublime With Rome, Iration & HBSS (8-6-13)

Live: Sublime With Rome, Iration & HBSS (8-6-13)

Date: Wednesday, Aug 6th. 2013
Line Up: Sublime With Rome, Iration, HB Surround Sound
Venue: Marymoor Amphitheater. Redmond, WA – 5:30pm

Not many situations these days justly deserve the title “Phenomenal”. However, on a perfect August 6th night in Seattle, Reggae-ROCK fans have reason to argue that they were part of an epic night. It was on this night that fans were privileged to witness the likes of HB Surround Sound, Iration, and Sublime with Rome at the Marymoor Amphitheater in Redmond, WA.

The Marymoor Amphitheater, albeit an outdoor venue, does well in offering an intimate setting with a variety of options of enjoying the show. Marymoor is accommodating to an array of demographics. The show’s setting was only punctuated with the evening’s perfect weather. As many people may be hesitant in scheduling a show of this magnitude at an outdoor venue in the stereotypically rainy Pacific Northwest, the decision proved to be first-class.

The show kicked off with a performance by HB Surround Sound that got the crowd warmed up. The Rock & Roll infused group, which is starting the tail end of their summer tour, showed well to the crowd. With many of the fans being introduced to HB Surround Sound for the first time, they were very well received and gained a few fans along the way. As one fan put it, “I can’t believe I don’t have these guys on my playlists… They rock!” Setting the stage for the night, HB Surround Sound initiated the positivity that would grow stronger as the night went on with Iration and Sublime with Rome to follow.

Iration, who are in the first week of a loaded coast-to-coast tour schedule, came into Seattle with a lot excitement & curiosity surrounding the show. Not only was the show highlighting the band’s July 2nd album release of Automatic via 3 Prong Records, but it was the first taste Seattle would have of Iration without prior vocalist Kai Rediske. Micah Brown has since joined the band for the tour with his amazing guitar skills. Naturally, the majority of the fans in attendance had preconceived notions of the new identity and sound, since the departure of Kai. For the most part, those notions were supported during the show.

Iration kicked off their set with “Automatic”, first song and name of the group’s new album. There was a sense of high energy as fans cheered showing their appreciation for the new music. Iration played 5 of their new songs including “Mr. Operator” and “One Way Track”. Iration also played some old favorites including “Time Bomb” and had the entire crowd singing along to “Falling” and “Summer Nights”.

The performance also included a cover of “Mary Jane’s Last Dance”, originally by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. The live rendering of the song was received by puffs of smoke throughout the crowd, while Micah Brown killed it on a guitar solo. The final song the group played was “Falling”, which fans seemed to know the words to the best as they sang along with the band. The final song included a wicked bass solo by Adam Taylor, complimented by the dancing and whistling of fans wanting more.

Iration fan, Molly McCall said that she “Loved ‘Falling’!,” and that was her favorite song of the night; while Susie Dozier enjoyed “hearing and seeing Mr. Operator live” which is now her favorite Iration song off of the new album.

There was also a mix of people who were not as familiar with Iration, but stated after that performance they are now fans and are going to be seeking out the new album. One fan, Gabriella Salvison, who was aware of the group’s recent transition states, “They were like an immeasurable mosaic and had a very smooth transition with the new singer. While the new album stays true to traditional Iration, while fusing new styles”, however, she said she did not care for the album cover.

Another woman, to summarize, said that she had never heard of Iration prior to the show, but she did not see one person sitting or standing still, “they had everyone dancing and involved with the music! I’m defiantly going to be looking into their new album.” While not everyone in the amphitheater may have heard of Iration before they took the stage, the general consensus after their performance left fans wanting more.

As far as shows go, this one was a true success. Iration not only showcased a new album, but they showed that they can seamlessly transition into the future with a new lead singer while staying true to the Iration styles that made them a familiar name in the genre. The show also allowed Iration to integrate the musical talent of Micah Brown at guitar. While talks back stage has been rumoring that Micah Brown will become a permanent member of Iration, nothing official has been stated by the band. Overall, the band showed a great fusion of talent for their fans and newly created fans after their stellar performance of the evening.

Shortly after the show, Sublime with Rome took the stage and gave an encore performance of the Sublime self titled album. According to SWR”s Vocalist, Rome Ramirez, the set list was decided upon last minute, paying homage to the classic Self-Titled album. The group played almost every song from the album including “What I Got”, “Burritos”, and “Doing Time”. Other than “Panic”, Sublime with Rome provided fans with a nostalgic remembrance of an album that introduced many to Rock-Reggae.

All-in-all, fans at Marymoor had a phenomenal night kicked off by HB Surround Sound and ending with Sublime with Rome. However, it is Iration that left an impression that will keep fans coming back for more with the transition of Micah Pueschel to lead vocals and the prospect of Micah Brown joining the band moving forward. Check out The Pier’s Show Locator for the entire list of Iration’s tour dates.

Sublime With Rome List:
1. Garden Grove
2. What I Got
3. Wrong Way
4. Same in the End
5. Santeria
6. April 26, 1992
7. Seed
8. Jailhouse
9. Pawn Shop
10. The Ballad of Johnny Butt
11. Burritos
12. Get Ready
13. Doin’ Time
14. Date Rape
15. Smoke two Joints
16. Scarlet Begonias
17. Panic
18. Badfish

Iration Set List:
1. Automatic
2. Wait and See
3. One Way Track
4. Mr. Operator
5. Burn
6. Summer Nights
7. Time Bomb
8. Cover-Mary Jane’s Last dance
9. Falling

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Article By: Melissa Cambra
Photos By: Amanda Zancanella

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