The Green’s 808 Day!

The Green’s 808 Day!

Happy Green Day! No, not the punk rock band you were obsessed with in middle school. The hawaiian based reggae band, The Green, is celebrating August 8 as their annual 808 Day!

Confused? Don’t worry; you’re probably not the only one. Since the band hails from tropical Hawaii, their zip code is 808. To celebrate their roots and Hawaiian culture, they’re making 8/8 a day to commemorate their beloved home by, “wearing your The Green swag, listening to Hawaiian music, appreciating our roots and culture, playing old vinyl, bumping The Green or any other Hawaiian artist, etc.!”

For the second year in a row, 808 Day has consisted of fans posting all kinds of pictures ranging in content from surf bros to Hawaiian leis, to a certain green herb—all celebrating the band’s background. The Green encourages fans to post these pictures on all types of social media with the hash tag #THEGREEN808DAY.

Not only can fans participate by posting pictures, but the band has upped their game this year by adding some special surprises. To start off, they’ll be streaming their whole upcoming album, HAWAI’I 13, online for the entire day, this day only. The stream can be found at

This album isn’t even being released until August 20th via Easy Star Records! The album is available for preorder on iTunes and The Green’s website.

For even more 808 Day fun, The Green has set up a full blown scavenger hunt for their fans back home in Hawai’i. They’re going all out on this one and hiding a few copies of their not-even-released new album in different places around Hawaii. They’ll be posting photos on their social media throughout the day with clues as to where the CDs are hidden, and fans will go out and look for them. The lucky ones that find a CD will have a copy of the album before anyone else.

But WAIT!—there’s more!

Those fans will ALSO get a free pair of tickets to an upcoming show of their choice and a free t-shirt at the concert. If you’re one of the winners, make sure to take a photo of yourself with it and post it to one of The Green’s social media pages or email the photo to

Get ready! Can You Hear The Green Coming!?

Upcoming Shows:
Aug 10 @ Kauai Summer Jam 2013, Lihue, HI
Sep 21 @ Red Fest, Red River, NM

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Article by: Erin Walsh

Listen: The Green – “Take Me On”