Matisyahu Releases New Single “Ripples”

Matisyahu Releases New Single “Ripples”

Matisyahu, American reggae singer, rapper, alternative, beatboxer has evolved and heightened the reggae community with his inventive and innovative talent throughout the years. Earning his respect and charging up the world with so much positivity has ignited and become an inspired reggae legend in his time. With Matisyahu comes culture, and diversity with a total fusion that has changed the minds of all music lovers and artists all over the world.  Get ready for this super-hot single released via Ineffable Records, coming at you with so much good vibing!

“Ripples” has this calming nostalgia that pours over your soul! Matisyahu brings us that style and magic in which he embraces the flow of the water and oceanic audio landscape with that essence of true meaning of reggae. The simplicity of capturing that moment and asking the universe to hear your voice, he conveys in his song with a message! What you put out there into the universe always comes back like a ripple effect! The beats share that rhythm lifting and taking us away to the edge of the ocean focused on the all the goodness of life! 


“Turn your thoughts into action
Law of attraction

What you do today will cause a reaction.

You’re the only one who controls your satisfaction.

What you can imagine, you can make it imagine .”


The spiritually driven and dynamic artist never stops amazing the fans reaching and resonating with life per se and just being human. Matisyahu is here to stay and will continue to teach us to never give up on living a great life and always on the leveling up frame of mind. “Ripples” is a song you want to listen to going down that long road with the windows down enjoying that beat that is so smooth and super chill. Matisyahu creates a canvas with an intention to ease the listener, and releases elation to all music lovers across the many continents of the world. 



Written by Stef Sanchez