Stick Figure and TJ O’Neill Team Up For “Railroad Shelter”

Stick Figure and TJ O’Neill Team Up For “Railroad Shelter”

Truly, when I say this is one of the most moving tracks, I have ever experienced in this lifetime I am no way sugar coating this statement . TJ O’Neill’s first track leading the way with the support of Stick Figure. It does not get better than this! O’Neill is no stranger to the music industry and has toured with Stick Figure. But more importantly, his masterful take on music is evident in tracks supporting Woodruf in “Weight of Sound”. This song changed the course of my life, delving me more into the mind melting music industry. “Whiskey Sun”, “Buriel Ground”, and more haunting tracks from Stick Figure featuring O’Neill’s musical gifts, they are the virtuosos in music.

TJ O’Neill said it best when describing this track, “Railroad Shelter” is the culmination of a lot of thought, time, effort, but mostly it’s just something that we really enjoy doing; making music for others to listen to. “

“Railroad Shelter”, it’s a darker melody, so devastatingly beautiful with otherworldly vocals merging. This will set you at ease no matter the sting of the pain. This is story of love lost, so too familiar and it can be about anything we can interpret this for ourselves. I can interpret this as when I left music for years and it came back to me, but even better this time. We learn to let go of the things or people that cannot fit in our lives, things must synch naturally not forced and this is how good music is created. You will likely listen to this poetic,


Written by Suzanne Sanchez