Menny More’s Book of Riddims Release

Menny More’s Book of Riddims Release

Kingston-born singer, Menny More, is extremely excited for the digital release of his sophomore solo album, Menny’s Book of Riddims. This forthcoming record follows his 2011 solo debut, Menny More – The Journey, which set the path to “make his name known far and wide as a solo artist.” With the release of his new concept record on June 23rd, the light will continue to shine on this true international reggae artist!

Menny More is a practiced artist. Before taking the leap towards solo-stardom, Menny spent seven years , traveling the world, singing with the Easy Star All-Stars. He performed in over thirty countries, on six continents, and worked with a multitude of artists. After spending so much time in so many various locations, Menny was ready to make an album from the influences of that diversified experience.

Menny’s Book of Riddims has a historic concept. The record is divided into three chapters, each containing five songs that sample various eras. The albums was designed to showcase Menny More’s amazingly versatile singing skills. It features strong vocals over big riddims from the early days of Studio One, all the way up to more modern riddims.

In its year of production, over forty musicians, engineers, and artists participated in the creation of this record. Names along the likes of Mykal Rose, Philip Fraser, Soljie, Glover, Ben Bow, Peter Pan, the Easy Star All Stars, Sudakaya, and many others, have all touched this project! In addition to writing the lyrics and singing lead on the tracks, Menny also sang about eight tracks worth of his own backups, played various instruments and acted as musical director on the re-licks of the classic riddims.

Menny has preceded this album with the release of two music videos, “Gunman” with Mykal Rose, and “Conquering Lion” with Philip Fraser. There is one more music video in production for the single “Jamaiquadorian” featuring Ecuador’s Sudakay. This video is slated to drop shortly after the album does.

To sample the sound of Menny’s Book of Riddims, check out the videos below!
Through Menny’s own record label, Troback Sound, the album will be released digitally, then on CD. There are also plans for releasing each of the chapters separately on vinyl. Whether a big fan of roots-reggae, or just into island music, pick up and enjoy Menny’s Book of Riddims!

Menny More – Menny’s Book of Riddims
1.) Never Giving Up
2.) Now That She’s Here
3.) One Moment In Time (bonus track)
4.) What Dem A Go Do
5.) Power That He Gave Us
6.) Champion Sound
7.) Gunman (feat. Mykal Rose)
8.) Innocent
9.) Worm
10.) Conquering Lion (feat. Phillip Fraser)
11.) Man A KanKara
12.) Nuh Leave Out Jah
13.) Laugh
14.) Jamaicuadorian (feat. Sudakaya)
15.) Life We Seh
16.) Married In The City

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Article By: Aaron Solomon

“Gunman” with Mykal Rose , now playing on Jamaican TV!

“Conquering Lion” with Philip Fraser, his first ever official music video in his 40+ year career!