Midnite’s “King’s Bell” Album

Midnite’s “King’s Bell” Album

Traditional roots-rockers Midnite released King’s Bell, their latest full-length studio album, on Tuesday Nov. 1 2011. King’s Bell marks the band’s first collaboration with a Jamaican producer, Andrew “Bassie” Campbell, and features some of the greatest Jamaican musicians roots reggae has ever known, including Earl “Chinna” Smith, Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace, Squidley Cole, Mikey “Boo” Richards and Sticky Thompson.

Midnite completed much of the recording process at the legendary Tuff Gong Studio. According to the band, the album captures “not only the essence of classic roots from the hands and minds of some of the individuals who have literally helped build the genre, but also the urgency, innovation and contemporary message of the present.”

1.) Exalt The Crown
2.) Try That Way
3.) Mongst I & I
4.) Earth is the Lords
5.) Kings Bell
6.) System Peak Out
7.) Jewel Inna Africa Horn
8.) Bittersweet
9.) Pon a Watchlist
10.) On the Broadcast
11.) Peak Tension Time
12.) Black Mamba
13.) What About Sudan
14.) Jerusalem School Room
15.) The Quickening
16.) Torpedo

The album is now available for purchase & you can purchase it online by clicking HERE

Article By: Chris Castro

Here’s the official music video to the song & first album single “Mongst I & I”.