MP3 Leak of the Week: Lefty at the Washout

MP3 Leak of the Week: Lefty at the Washout

On July 1st, Columbia, SC’s own Lefty at the Washout released their sophomore album, That Just Happened. The release was a pleasantly sounding surprise and we asked the group if we could share one of their new songs for FREE download this week. They agreed and we’re giving away one of the albums top songs with “Rules.” Grab it on the homepage and read more about the group here…

You can download Lefty at the Washout’s new single “Rules” for FREE on our home page under the MP3 Leak of the Week on the right hand column! This Download will only be available until Saturday, Aug 8th, 2015.

Lefty at the Washout – “Rules” – Download HERE
“Rules” Background:
It’s been 5 years since Lefty at the Washout released their debut album Forty To Five. The band performs at the approach of writing and recording just for fun and not so much to keep up with the pace of other actively touring and producing groups. The fun of the approach is well received in both of their albums including the latest July 1st release of That Just Happened.

The group once again went through South Carolina based producer Cory Plaugh at his Plaugh’s House studio. Cory explains that “I’ve produced a lot of records that I’m proud of, but this will remain as one of my all-time favorites that I’ve had the privilege to be a part of. The sonic palette that is Lefty at the Washout is an awesome foundation to start with; from a producer and engineer’s perspective it is a whole lot of fun to be able to help create a painting with so many vibrant colors.”

The album includes 10 total songs and received an endorsing 3.5 out of 5 Star Album Review with the 6th track, titled “Rules”, receiving the highest praise from the track list. Here’s what the group had to say about the song:
“‘Rules’ was a late addition to the album. This song doesn’t have a crazy/funny story behind it like a lot of our other songs do. It started as a bluesy chorus written by the lead singer, Charles Wilkie. The band really enjoyed jamming on it during practice sessions. From there the song transformed into a reggae groove ballad with a new bridge sung by the DJ, Jonohn Taylor. As far as the meaning of the song goes, the main theme is about holding other people accountable while also taking responsibility for the things that we do.”

Grab “Rules” for FREE on our homepage this week only and you can pick up Lefty at the Washout’s new album, That Just Happened, on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Lefty at the Washout Background:
Lefty at the Washout is a 6 piece reggae-rock group based out Columbia, South Carolina. The group includes Charles Wilkie (guitar/vocalist), Barry Hicks (drums), Rob Grookett (saxophone/keyboards), Jay Foster (bass), Jonohn Taylor (turntables) and Stan Laraque (guitar). Lefty At The Washout is one of those rare reggae groups that make it out of some uncommon state like South Carolina. They’ve been at it since 2007, and the band says it all started as a group of guys just trying to have fun making the music they themselves wanted to hear.

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Lefty at the Washout Links:
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Huge thanks again to Lefty at the Washout for allowing us to share their new single “Rules” to post up for FREE download. Free music is a privilege that we’re grateful for and we appreciate the work these artists do! Please feel free to download this song for FREE and spread the awareness to your friends!
Enjoy the FREE track on the homepage!

Article By: Mike Patti