The Pier Store: Coming August 15th, 2015

The Pier Store: Coming August 15th, 2015

The Pier Store will be re-opening on Saturday, August 15th, 2015. What makes this date so special is that it is also the same day as The Pier’s birthday, celebrating 8 years as your number 1 online resource for Reggae-Rock news and updates.

It’s hard to believe that The Pier has been around for 8 years tirelessly supporting the unbelievably growing Reggae-Rock genre. We want to continue celebrating that genre by opening up The Pier Store that will be a basic online shop with items that aren’t easily found elsewhere. We won’t be selling the same-old albums you can purchase on iTunes or Amazon as our focus will be on the more exclusive and/or rare songs, compilations and albums, in addition to clothing, art, posters and various accessories.

The Pier Store – Coming 8/15/2015

Since iTunes and Amazon are great resources for both physical and digital album purchases, we decided to take another approach in putting our focus in making certain albums and songs available for purchase that you wont be able to find elsewhere – some of it will be limited time only purchases or exclusive to The Pier Store. Some of these items include rare Compilation albums, acoustic & collaboration songs that aren’t DirtyJ_DirtyHeadsfeatured on most albums and/or aren’t as easily available with most physical and digital retailers.

When we open the online store on August 15th, you’ll be able to purchase Pier T-shirts, available in Black, White & Green, in addition to The Pier Compilation Vol. 1, to which there are only 15 physical copies left before they’re sold-out for good. This compilation is the first physical pressing to Dirty Head’s hit single “Lay Me Down” featuring Rome.

We will also have some of the limited edition Sense Boardwear t-shirts and compilation albums that include unreleased music featuring Edley Shine of Born Jamericans, Duddy B of Dirty Heads and more!

As time goes on, Art, Canvas & Poster Prints will be made available inside the store. We’ll offer photos courtesy of our own David Norris and Kit Chalberg as they comb through their 6 plus years of back-stage, on-stage, in-studio and lifestyle photos of your favorite reggae-rock artists and groups.

All physical, outgoing orders will include FREE Pier Stickers, Pier Buttons and Pier Guitar-Picks; the latter of which were made available by our friends at Ernie Ball. And lastly, when we launch the store, everything will be under $20.00, including all T-shirts. So if you have an extra $20.00 to spend, depending on what you want, you could grab a few items!

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