Mystic Roots Band Releases Album!

Mystic Roots Band Releases Album!

Tuesday, June 4 marked the release of Mystic Roots Band’s third studio album entitled Camp Fire Vol. 1. The album is set to be released as a double album with Camp Fire Vol. 2 to be re-released entirely as a remix album on September 3, along with a box set.

Representing Chico, CA, Mystic Roots have made their way across the country and across the reggae charts. They have been featured in tons of festivals and enjoy a plethora of accolades. However, it’s the music and the fans that keep them coming back for more. In fact, original founding member Cootdog said the following about the album:
“This new album was an incredible journey to make. Maintaining our old school roots with our core fans while still experimenting with our growth has resulted in the CAMP FIRE album.”

You could say MRB has made waves in recent years, and since their role as Pato Banton’s supporting band years ago, they have taken on a personality, unique to their own style.

Coot continued to share: “We have been listening to a lot of Katchafire & Easy Star All Stars and I think the influence shows through on some of the newer songs. Getting to work with Mykal Rose was a dream come true, and of course my old friend Tippa Irie came through with a banger! C-Money from Slighly Stoopid blessed us with some great horn work and that was a fun session in the studio.”

I have heard a few tracks already, and along with amazing features on this album, is the constant soothing voice of Katherine Ramirez coming through my headphones. “This record really is the 1st one with Katherine singing most of the leads, and that gives it a very fresh sound. But I think our die hard fans will appreciate the mixture of her and I, plus all the guest vocalists to create this body of work,” says Coot.

You can pick up Camp Fire Vol. 1 on iTunes now, by clicking HERE!

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Article By: Andrew McClatchy