Nattali Rize’s New Album: ‘Rebel Frequency’

Nattali Rize’s New Album: ‘Rebel Frequency’

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Australian-native reggae phenom Nattali Rize has been hard at work over the past couple of years with an intensive touring schedule and recording the follow-up to New Era Frequency with Notis in 2015. Branching out to focus on her debut record, Rebel Frequency, it was recently announced that the album will be made available March 24 via Rootfire Cooperative/Baco Records

Previously a co-founder and focal point of the Australian roots reggae group Blue King Brown (alongside Carlo Santone), Nattali Rize has been working across several continents throughout the process of crafting Rebel Frequency. Having relocated to Kingston, Jamaica in 2014, she has been incorporating various cultural elements to infuse into the new record. The Pier Interviews Nattali Rize at Wakarusa 2015The incredible vocal talent spearheads her overall sound, but the additional roots reggae elements within her music are not to be overlooked either. Nattali Rize caught up with The Pier in September 2015 to explain what drove her to choose reggae music as an outlet to spread her messages:
“For me, as a person, Reggae resonated with me as a kid. My mom listened to great music. Jimmy Cliff and all that, Bob Marley, as well as Santana, who I love, and a bunch of other artists. Reggae has always been one of the mainstay genres that is conscious. So what I realized now, that what I connected with as a child, is the vibration of the music, and the feeling of Reggae, just the rhythm. And then as I grew up, I tuned in to that they are actually singing something about something important. And that resonated with me because that’s just who I am. It’s curious; at the same time things are meant to be. Things happen for a reason. I had an affinity with Jamaica for a long time, and it’s taken me this long to get out of Australia and live in Kingston. It’s Far, but at the same time it’s not that far, not today. It’s that thing, it’s timing, the ebb and flow the way the universe works. And when it’s meant to happen it can happen.”

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Various pieces of the Rebel Frequency puzzle have been coming together over the past several months, as Nattali Rize has already released two tracks from the forthcoming album. “Natty Rides Again” featuring Julian Marley (which can be seen via the official music video below) is an immediate banger and was released for all to enjoy in 2016 –- the vocal trade-off between Nattali Rize and Julian Marley is wholesome and accompanies a sweet, heavy bassline which carries the song from start to finish. “One People” was released earlier this year on January 18th and is a much lighter, acoustic-driven track with more dynamic vocals from Nattali Rize.

The pre-order comes with a copy of “Generations will Rize” (featuring Kabaka Pyramid & Notis Heavyweightrockas). Pre-order Rebel Frequency by clicking HERE!

Nattali Rize – Rebel Frequency Tracklist:
nattali rize rebel frequency album cover1.) Rebel Frequency
2.) Natty Rides Again feat. Julian Marley
3.) Warriors
4.) One People
5.) Evolutionary (feat. Dre Island & Jah9)
6.) Heart of a Lion (feat. Notis Heavyweightrockaz)
7.) Fly Away (feat. Raging Fyah)
8.) Meditation
9.) Generations Will Rize (feat. Kabaka Pyramid & Notis Heavyweightrockaz)
10.) Hypocrisy
11.) Free Up Your Mind
12.) Ever Rizing Dub

Nattali Rize on Tour:

Nattali Rize has been touring for almost all of 2017 thus far and in its entirety alongside Raging Fyah while supporting Tribal Seeds on their “Winter Roots Tour.” No additional tour dates are listed at this time for Nattali Rize, however tour dates are expected for Europe in April and check back soon to see additional dates in support of Rebel Frequency –- a full list of tour dates and locations can be seen below!

Nattali Rize Tour Dates

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Article By: Brian Glaser
Photo By: Peter Monti

Watch: Nattali Rize – “Natty Rides Again” (featuring Julian Marley)