Satsang Releases New Single ft. Nahko

Satsang Releases New Single ft. Nahko

Rooted in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, the folk-rock, soul-hop machine Satsang have launched themselves into the musical scene quickly and distinctly as they continue to spread their positivity and life experiences through their music. Satsang has recently announced their sophomore album Pyramid(s) for release on March 20, and are giving fans a sample of what lies ahead with the release of “Between” featuring Nahko

With their sound being derived from a melting pot of musical influences and genres, Satsang have truly crafted a unique identity for themselves. Their debut record from 2016, The Story of You, is a well put-together album that flows smoothly from one song to the next and is a very relaxing experience. Highlights from the album include the folksy-guitar driven intro from “I Am” and the harmonious, leadoff track “Remember Jah” -– however the album from start to finish includes plenty of spotlight moments across multiple tracks.Satsang

Staying true to their overall theme, “Between” is an uplifting, feel-good and chill out for a moment kind of song. The track eases the listener in light synths and melodic keyboards, in which vocals from Drew McManus follow immediately after to grab and maintain the listener’s attention for its duration. Motivating and don’t-give-up messaging are a noticeable theme for the track, and the incorporation of a children’s choir adds a nice extra layer to the mix. Nahko Bear (from Nahko and Medicine for the People) adds his stylistic contributions as well to complete a track that everyone should listen to as soon as they can.

Listen to the track below and order “Between” on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Pyramid(s) will be released on March 20 via Rootfire Cooperative and will have large shoes to fill from The Story of You. However, with the release of “Between” and another song from the album that was made available on Satsang’s soundcloud entitled “Just a Child” –- the band appears to be very much on their way to a strong follow-up album. Preorder Pyramid(s) by clicking HERE!

Satsang on Tour:

Gaining more notoriety with every show, Satsang will be on the road plenty of times in 2017. Along with performing in Costa Rica at Envision Festival, they have also recently announced that they will be hitting the road with Michael Franti and Spearhead as special guest for their “Love Out Loud Tour 2017.” Pair that with another announcement earlier this week of playing alongside some huge names at ARISE Music Festival in Loveland, CO later in the year with various other appearances, and it’s safe to say Satsang is well underway to a big year.

Satsang Tour Dates

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Article By: Brian Glaser

Listen: Satsang – “Between (featuring Nahko)”