New Album Update from Pepper

New Album Update from Pepper

On July 16th, Pepper will be releasing their first full-length album since 2008’s Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations. They will release the album under Law Records and have been on their spring tour playing new songs from the upcoming release…

This will be a self-titled release for Pepper & will contain 12 total tracks. When I reached out to drummer Yesod Williams, he described the album in his own opinion as their most stylistically balanced to date. “Super balanced as far as reggae, rock, etc… Where as ‘Kona Town’ was more reggae and ‘No Shame” was more rock, this one is nicely in the middle, to me”

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The album will feature a guest appearance by Law Records mate & hip hop artist Splinta. Splinta was featured in The Pier’s Pacific Island Sampler in 2011 & resides from the Big Island in Hawaii.

The album was produced by Matt Wallace (Maroon 5 & R.E.M.,) & was recorded Matt’s Studio Delux in Van Nuys, CA. Drums were recorded at Glenwood Place in Burbank, CA.

Pepper has been performing 4 new songs on their recent tour with songs “FKARND”, “Hunny Girl”, “Higher Ground” and These Hands”. The groups first single was debuted today with the song “FKARND”, but when we asked Yesod which of the new songs he enjoys playing the most, he said “Truthfully, all of them! So absolutely thrilled to have a new album! But I’m thinking ‘These Hands’ is reigning supreme in my world right now”

You still have a chance to hear their new songs live, as Pepper is in the middle of their Spring tour that ends June 9th with back to back shows at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV.

“It’s like we’ve been caged and were just ready to pounce. We’re not bringing any openers, just us! Hence the ‘Evening with Pepper,’ so there’s gonna be acoustic, new stuff, the usual suspects, maybe something we’ve never even heard of! Yeeeeeeew!!! It will be the full spectrum of Pepper, which is why we chose the small intimate venues!”Yesod Williams

Upcoming Tour Dates
May 21 @ Domino Room. Bend, OR
May 22 @ Knitting Factory. Boise, ID
May 23 @ Knitting Factory. Spokane, WA
May 24 @ The Wilma Theatre. Missoula, MT
May 25 @ Babcock Theatre. Billings, MT
May 27 @ The Historic Atlas Theater. Cheyenne, WY?
May 28 @ Fox Theater. Boulder, CO
Jun 07 @ Orpheum Theater. Flagstaff, AZ
Jun 08 @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Sound Waves Pool Stage. Las Vegas, NV
Jun 09 @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Rehab. Las Vegas, NV

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Article By: Mike Patti

Listen: Pepper – “FKARND” (New Single). This is a lyrical video with the official music video being shot in June. This video includes the auditions for the official music video. Enjoy!