New Kingston Reveals Cover-Art to New Album ‘Come From Far’

New Kingston Reveals Cover-Art to New Album ‘Come From Far’

On August 25th, New Kingston will release their fourth studio album A Kingston Story; Come From Far via Easy Star Records. Today, the band has premiered the Cover-Art for their new record displaying the visual aesthetic to a title of an album that is shaping up to be around the theme of reflection, while embracing the continued journey. Take a look for yourself and read what the band had to share about the cover-art…

Progressive reggae group, New Kingston, if you didn’t know by now, are 3 brothers from Brooklyn, NY that formed in 2006. The group consists of brothers Tahir (keys), Courtney Jr. (drums) & Stephen (guitar). On bass is their father, Courtney “Faddah P” Panton, Sr. Courtney Sr. worked long and late hours to support his boys when they were very young. He recollected, “One day I came home early for some reason and they were sitting out front” heads down with boredom. He took them into the house, put instruments in their hands, and that is where their musical journey started.
New Kingston Cover Art
Faddah P served as a guide while Courtney Jr., Stephen, and Tahir practiced with various instruments. Having different tastes in music allowed them to bring something different to the table while they enhanced their skills. Fast forward to 2017 and with 3 full-length albums under their belt, thousands of miles logged on tour and that journey has led them to the release of A Kingston Story; Come From Far come August 25th, 2017.

The Cover-Art, designed by David Wong, is a reflection of the band’s journey that has led them to today. Each member’s face is shown reflecting on the past with shared experiences that will lead them into the unknown. The band tells The Pier: “We are all on a journey and sometimes, the outcome can be better than we first perceived. The artist, David Wong and us, first wanted to find a train, whether still or moving and do a shoot in or outside of the train, symbolic of everyone’s journey through life. That idea went through different stages. After stripping everything away from all the shots, our faces stood out most. We individually had a story to tell just using our expressions.”

The band continues to elaborate, telling The Pier: “We were shot basically on a train we built. Traveling on our continued journey telling our respective stories. So if you look at where our eyes are facing, it’s looking out the ‘window.’ Look how far we come… Look how far we haffi go! So keep focused on your way.”

While their expressions gives notice to a story, the true telling of the story is expected with the music set to be further revealed on August 25th, 2017. The opening title track “Come From Far,” is the first hint to that story as the song premiered via Mass Appeal on July 13, and is available for free download via the band’s website. Pre-orders for their new album will be available on July 21st, 2017.

You’ll find New Kingston continuing their journey live as they’ll be sure to be performing their new songs live. Their upcoming tour dates include two of Europe’s biggest reggae festivals, separate tours in the U.K. with The Skints and with Collie Buddz, as well as co-headlining shows in the U.S. with The Movement.

New Kingston Tour Dates

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Article By: Mike Patti

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