November 2012 Album Releases

November 2012 Album Releases

It’s November, a time to give thanks, & here at The Pier, we have a lot to be thankful for, especially the tremendous amount of new music that has come out this past year. As the year winds down, let’s be thankful that there are still several solid albums dropping this month.

Thanksgiving is this week, which means the eminent Black Friday retail “holiday” is right around the corner. As you rush around, trying to score those items on your gift list for a bargain, remember one of the best gifts around is that sweet sound of reggae music. This month The Pier has six suggestions of excellent new records that certainly won’t disappoint.

November 2012 Album Releases

Fear Nuttin Band- Vibes Love & Revolution
Release Date: November 6th
To start November out right, Fear Nuttin Band has released a new album titled Vibes, Love, Revolution, which impressively debuted at #8 on the Billboard Reggae Charts .The BoomBlaze Records release includes guest appearances by members of the SOJA horn section, Stephen Newland of Rootz Underground, Jordan Miller of The Movement, and Germany’s Sara Lugo. The album has been produced by Christafari “BoomBlaze” Regan w/Jim Fogarty. Here’s what the Fear Nuttin Band disclosed to The Pier:
“The new record is titled ‘Vibes, Love, Revolution’, which is one of the overall themes of the band and what we write songs about. It’s got a roots vibe, some dub feel, some acoustic work and FNB’s signature guitar riffage.”

You can buy Vibes, Love, Revolution on iTunes, by clicking HERE!

Prezident Brown & Axx Of Jahpostles – I Sound Is From Creation
Release Date: November 13th
After several decades of traveling around the globe, creating music that transcends boarders, together with Axx Of Jahpostles , Prezident Brown has returned with his ninth full-length studio record. The Fox Fuse – Tad’s Record release features 14-traks of Brown’s unique, authentic roots sound. I Sound Is From Creation is a must-have album for any fan of roots reggae. In reference to the new album, on his facebook page, Fitz Cotterell aka Prezident Brown states “We refer to an individual as a person. The word “Person” comes from the latin word ‘Personare’. ‘Sonare’ means sounding. Personare therefore means sounding through. Everyone is a sound, a sound is optionally changeable, and is harmonious or disharmonious.’I Sound Is From Creation’, ‘I Sound Rock The Nation’, ‘I Sound make The World Go Round’, ‘I Sound Is Harmonious’, One Love.”

You can pick up I Sound Is From Creation on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Beres Hammond- One Love, One Life
Release Date: November 13th
One of the most iconic romantic lovers rock and reggae singers from Jamaica, Beres Hammond is set to release One Love, One Life, a double-disc studio album via VP Records on November 13th, 2012. The first disc, One Love, will include his signature classic lover’s rock sound on new singles like “No Candle Light” and “Keep Me Warm,” while the second disc One Life will contain more of his socially-conscious, spiritually-empowering tunes such as the upcoming “You Stand Alone,” “Truth Will Live On” and “Prime Time.” For this upcoming double-disc album from a legend, Beres Hammond himself produced 19 of the 20 songs with co-producers Donovan Germain on “No Candle Light,” Collin “Bulby” York on “In My Arms” and Michael Fletcher on “More Time.”

You can pick up One Love, One Life on iTunes by clicking HERE!

Check out The Pier’s review of the album, HERE!

The Black Seeds –Dust And Dirt Deluxe Version
Release Date: November 19th
The Black Seeds will release a 20-track deluxe version of their latest album Dust And Dirt, on November 19th on Easy Star Records. This special release features seven additional bonus tracks.The 20-Track Deluxe Version includes the extended speaker-shuddering “Daddy Vad” remix of “Wide Open” by DJ Vadim, a trademark smoked-up dub re-working of “Dust And Dirt” by UK producer Prince Fatty, and the new unreleased track “Toon-A-Loon.” The Seeds go back to their roots with dub versions of three more album tracks, and an extended DJ Edit of “Don’t Turn Around.”

You can pick up the new Delux Version of Dust And Dirt on iTunes, by clicking HERE

Hor!zen- Eviction Notice EP
Release Date: November 21st
Hor!zen, Florida’s underground reggae-rock-hip-hop outfit, is prepared to release their latest studio effort. Now in the final stages of production, the band is set for the upcoming release date for their long awaited Eviction Notice EP. After several years of working out new material live on the road, Hor!zen took their time to develop a set of songs fans are sure to love. This EP is the collection of five favorites fans have been introduced to recently during the band’s live sets. The Eviction Notice EP will be available in hard copy as well as digitally, on Amazon, and iTunes starting November 21st

You can stream their latest single “Live The Life” by clicking HERE

Uwe Banton – Mental War
Release Date: November 23rd
Out of Germany, reggae singer-songwriter Uwe Banton, former front man of the roots reggae band Movements, is set to release his third solo effort, titled Mental War. For the highly anticipated release, Banton worked with some of the most talented and experienced reggae musicians in Germany. In particular, Keith “Roughhouse” Powell had his hand in it, as well as the bassist of the German hip hop group, Sammy Deluxe, earning credit as a producer alongside Banton. The record is not short of collaborations, featuring Mikey General, Luciano, Cornadoor, and Jahcoustix on various tracks. Finally, to add the finishing touches on to the album, Berlin-based reggae singer Ganjaman step in as sound engineer, mixing it all together.

Within the 13-track album, Banton delivers strong, compelling messages, backed by catchy originally composed riddims. In short, the record provides “support to win the spiritual war of light against darkness, truth against falsehood, reality against propaganda.” Released through Rasta Yard Records, fans can download this international reggae artist’s new record via Amazon or iTunes on November 23rd.

Article By: Aaron Solomon

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